Day 1: Shoot out at the Mos Shuuta cantina. Party take part in the grand theft auto of the Rust Bucket and the murder of Behruz’s brother. The party run guns into the Juneland Wastes for the Sons of Anchorhead and stay with Reepo.

Day 2: V3-GA5 travels to Bestine to locate bounty hunting work. Crank, Soondabu and Meeknu meet Gaarvuur at Anchorhead, then are contracted to salvage water from a downed freighter. Return to Anchorhead and stay with Reepo.

Day 3: Apprehend Talion Gervarak. Overnight Thweek, Teemo’s righthand, bombs the Sons of Anchorhead weapons warehouse.

Day 4: The party prepare to depart Tatooine. Reepo contracts the party to hunt down the ships responsible for the bombing of the warehouse. Trace ship vector to Vactooine.

Day 5: The party arrive at Vactooine ahead of the Golden Goose. The party take part in the kidnapping of Jefdaq Corslin and Thweek. Elude Imperial spacesport authorities and steal the Golden Goose. The creation of the “Vicious Jawa of Vactooine” myth.

Day 6: The party return to Tatooine with Thweek. Release Thweek, who offers them the flight recorder data in exchange for his life. Turn data over to Jabba the Hutt, who recruits the services of the party in raiding Teemo’s casino. The party travel to Mos Eisley and undertake a stake out of the Casino. While following Casino manager Garcon to his house, Crank and Soondabu abduct him. The party have no choice but to enact their casino heist plans early. The party escape with the secret data files and 40,000 credits. The party contact Bib Fortunna, and agree to make an exchange on a nearby colony planet. The Rust Bucket departs Tatooine and jumps into hyperspace

Day 7: The party spend the day in hyperspace.

Day 8: Roughly midday, the Rust Bucket arrives on colony world. Make preparations for the exchange. Behruz uses Casino to contact Crank Steevador, and manages to trace his comlink location.

Day 9: Shoot out between the crew of the Rust Bucket and henchmen of Jabba the Hutt and Teemo the Hutt, led by Behruz. Murder of Behruz.

Day 10-13: The party depart J1-CL2 and travel through hyperspace to Kemal Station, aware that Crystala Artaene has stowed away aboard the freighter. The party dock at Kemal Station and meet with Niobe Racto. Depart of Ryloth with carghold full of food.

Day 13-19: The party travel through hyperspace to Ryloth. Arrive at Ryloth and clear customs. Paid 10,000 credits for freight. Meet B’ura B’an who enlists help of the party to other throw group of mercenaries plaguing the New Meen mines. Party attacked by mercenaries. Arrive at New Meen.

Day 20: Early morning the party attack the mercenaries’ compound and kill/stun mercs, including their leader Agnu Drommb. Discover that the compound was supplied by the Empire. Return to New Meen as heroes and become shareholders in the ryll mining company as payment. Take on cargohold of ryll and return to Kemal Station.

Day 20-27: The party travel through hyperspace to Kemal Station. Dock at Kemal Station and discover that Teemo has posted a 200,000 credit bounty on their heads. Evade station security and flee.

Day 20-30: The party travel to Anchorhead on Tatooine. Set up meeting with Jabba the Hutt. Meeknu & V3-GA5 travel out to the site of Meeknu’s clan sandcrawler and discover it is missing; Crank and Soondabu speak with Teemo via hologram and are attacked. Crystala and Repo attacked by the Krayt Daggers Swoop Gang.


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