The Rust Bucket

Rust Bucket Wayfarer-class Medium Freighter

An ageing freighter which was originally owned and piloted by Behruz, a weequay spice smuggler for Teemo the Hutt.

The freighter was stolen by the gang during their desperate escape from Mos Shutta and its transponder and BoSS registration was rewritten by Repo. The freighter, now called the Rust Bucket, is now registered to Crank Steevador and serves as their mobile base of operations, and would-be home.

Known modifications

  • smuggler’s compartment.
  • 1 cargo alcove converted into prisoner/bounty hold.

1. cockpit
2. captain’ cabins (V3-GA5)
3. COs office
4. XOs office
5. XOs cabin (Crank)
6. refresher
7. bunk #1 (Gaarbuur)
8.bunk #2
9. bunk #3 (Soondabu)
10. maintenance hatch
11. galley/lounge
12. boarding ramp/starboard airlock
13. engine bay/life support/ lifepods (Meeknu)
14. maintenance/supply cupboard
15. ship cargo
16. smuggler’s compartment
17. swoop racks (2 swoops)
18. cargo (1 prisoner alcove; The Golden Goose
19. cargo

The Rust Bucket

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