Suns of Anchorhead

The Suns of Anchorhead Repulsor-Lift Anarchist Club (or SARLAC) is an organised speeder club from Tatooine. Operating out of Dawn Motors, they run a legitimate business as a repulsorlift repair shop.

SARLAC has deep contacts in the Tatooine Underworld, running guns for Jabba the Hutt and providing other gangs from the desert planet with munitions to fuel their ongoing turf wars.

SARLAC is generally viewed as neutral, or at least above, these petty squables. Where the local Imperial Constabulary is unable or unwilling to help, the SoA picks up the slack.


  • President: Clay “Repo” Dawnstar
  • Vice-President Jax
  • Hydro
  • Booster

Suns of Anchorhead

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