Beyan the Dug

“I’ll tell you the same thing I tell my boss: I’m going as fast as I can…”


Beyan is a dug agriculturist and former roommate of Soondabu Jjigae.

Slightly less muscular than others of his species, Bayan is much more placid and thoughtful, leading him to a life of science, study and illegal horticulture. He is a vague and frustratingly casual being who has many difficulties maintaining his priorities.

For a time, Bayan dormed with Soobabu Jjigae at the most prestigious Mid Rim university that tolerated non-human students. During this time Beyan quietly became the on-campus person to see about obtaining recreational drugs and stims, although he was just as likely to partake of his own stock as he was to sell it for a profit..

Beyan eventually graduated and gained employment in an Outer Rim Colonisation & Terra-Rehabilitation company.


“Ayeeee, classic Soondabu!”

To help his former roommate pay for his tuition fees, Beyan gave Soondabu some “herbs” to deliver to the Outer Rim.

Soondabu would eventually contact Beyan while hiding out on the struggling colony, J1-CL2.
The dug promised to visit the planet and see what he could do to help the settlement.

Beyan the Dug

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