With the onset of Season Two, you will have the opportunity to have a secondary character involved in the campaign. These could be characters that we may soon run into, NPCs we’ve already met being promoted to PC, or maybe NPCs related to the Ryloth ryll homestead that you have purchased.

I hope that this will help to build an ensemble cast of characters typical of the Star Wars Legends stories and will help to build your fledgling company & legend.

How to create secondary character

  • Go through the typical rules for character creation using the Rules As Written (using your character species starting XP and 500 credits).
    • Remember per RAW that this is the ONLY point you can spend XP on attributes like Brawn, Agility etc.
    • You may take on extra Obligation to gain more starting XP or money, using the RAW from the Core Rule Book.
  • FOLLOWING THIS you may give yourself 135 earnt XP to spend on skills and talents (remember, no attributes)
  • You now have an extra 7,000 credits to spend on gear, weapons etc.
    • You may buy attachments, but wait adding any mods till a Session so we can through through the Rules for modding attachments as per RAW.
    • Speak to me before buying any Rare or Restricted items, as we may need to explain if/how your character possesses such an item. If you really want it, we can make it the reward of a session/obligation reward.

How to run secondary characters

  • This will work in a similar fashion to large ensemble cast RPGs like Baldur’s Gate, KOTOR, Dragon Age, Mass Effect (wow… ALL Bioware games!)
    • All the characters may interact and contribute at the “home base” (the homestead or the Rust Bucket) during the orientation of a session.
    • During actual GAME TIME or mission arc, you will have to pick which character from your roster you will role play as for that session.
      • The characters left remaining are presumed to be staying at the homestead or are busy minding the ship and cannot contribute to the arc.
        • For instance, they can’t stay with the ship but then fly the ship to you cause you’ve picked a bar fight and been run out of town… so that you aren’t tempted to meta-game or double dip from the OP Jar they are wearing the ring of NPCness
        • Similarly though, I as the GM will not be a dick and do something terrible to your secondary characters like they are in down time.
  • All characters will benefit from the same XP progression.
  • All characters are entitled to an even share of payments/spoils

example. Jonno has two characters in the campaign, V3-GA5 and Utrenku the Hutt. On a smuggling run to Nar Shadda he elects to play as Utrenku for the entirety of the arc, be it 1 session or 3. Therefore V3-GA5 must stay behind with the ship, using the opportunity to fix his weapons, run some self-repair programs, or tending to personal errands like asking around the seedy cantinas for news of Dr Mobius.


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