Garcon Sator

Garcon Sartor is a human male who lived on Tatooine, and previously worked as the manager of Teemo’s casino.

Description and History

A man in his mid-thirties, Garcon handled the legitimate dealings of the hutt’s casino while other functionaries of the desjilic kajidic laundered money through the casino’s takings.
He was described by his co-workers and subordinates as a vain and pretentious man who spent his salary on expensive landspeeders and extravagant suits.
Garcon is a divorcee and has a daughter, Sera.

Involvement in the Campaign

In preparation to steal the content of Teemo’s computer logs and vaults, Soondabu Jjigae and Crank Steevador followed Garcon to him private home, planning to pose as Teemo’s henchmen and steal his ID credentials.

However, when Garcon saw through the ruse and triggered a silent panic alarm, he and his daughter were kidnapped by the crew of the The Rust Bucket for the duration of the heist.
Following an informal interrogation involving corellian whiskey Garcon begged the crew to help smuggle himself and his daughter off-world, fearful that they would be killed for not preventing the heist. This life changing event has led Garcon through a riches-to-rags journey personally, and he has reconnected with his daughter and made new friendships with the crew

As a result, Garcon and Sera stayed aboard the Rust Bucket during the month that the gang eluded Teemo and Operation Golden Goose, helping to clean the ship and cook for the crew.

When the Krayt Fangs SC attacked the gang, Garcon was inadvertently caught in the crossfire. He was rushed to Anchorhead clinic and its was revealed that several of his internal organs were destroyed by blasterfire and he would need cloned organs or extensive cybernetic replacements to survive.

Garcon Sator

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