Edge of the Empire/The King's Recruits

Season 2: The Ballad of Crank Steevador

Season 2, Episode 1-4

It has been some weeks since the crew of the Rust Bucket killed Teemo the Hutt. In that time they have laid low at their newly acquired Ryll Mine on the desert planet Ryloth.

  • The head of the Mining Guild, B’ura B’an, tells the party that the latest shipment of the ryll is ready for transport, plus a “little extra that fell off the back of the landspeeder”
  • The crew elect to take the ryll to Kamel Station and to try and use Niobe Racto and her contacts.
  • Utrenku, eager to use the resources of the ryll mine, becomes business partners with the Rust Bucket and immediately begins converting the aft storage into his private parlour.

*After a short hyperspace jump, they arrive at Kamel Station.

  • Soondabu negotiates with Niobe in her back office.
  • While the others wait and enjoy some drinks on the house, a scarred togruta female enters the cantina and locates her quarry. The crew recognise that she was one of Jabba’s henchmen who met them on JL-C12.
    • Haam gets into a shoot out with a human male and coldly kills him.
  • Also in the cantina is Crank’s unofficial manager, Vera. The female duros implores him to get back into the music business and mentions that the Spirit of the Festival being held on Bantis II is only a week away.
    • Some members of the crew know that a lot of shady deals go down at huge music festivals like this, and elect to try and sell some of their extra ryll to black marketeers while Crank plays at the festival.
  • After talking with Haam, she offers to pay a passenger fare to go with them to Bantis II, in order to continue hunting those who betrayed her and left her for dead.
  • The crew do some much needed shopping to upgrade and outfit their gear. Crank buys a large sound system to help with his upcoming performance.
    • He admits to the crew that he has a small bounty on Bantis VII, and does not wish to stay longer than the festival.
    • After two days hyperspace travel the Rust Bucket arrives in orbit around Bantis II.
      • As all planetary traffic is secured in orbit, the crew load their gear onto a landspeeder and pay the fare to get it transported. As “Spacies” of Crank Steevador they get to ride in the VIP airship.
      • While travelling to the planet, Crank runs into Brash Coldblaze, a fellow performer who has alwasy been down-on-his-luck. Coldblaze has reinvented his image and has latched on to controversial band The Naboomtown Rats. With them is music indie journalist, Katalina, who regards the crew as posers and treats them with disgust.
    • On planet, the first day of the festival begins and the crew spend the day enjoying the sights while trying to drum up business for their ryll mine.
      • They eventually learn of one Krint Plexus, a local small-time drug handler who would be interested in purchasing the ryll for the festival-goers. They set up a meet for that afternoon.
    • Crank and Gaarvuur attend the VIP function and negotiate with Plexus, providing him with a sample of their product.
      • Plexus is eager to do business, pending an analysis of the ryll. They plan to meet again tomorrow evening during the height of the festivities.
        • Crank spends the afternoon busking and earns himself 300 credits.

    *On the second day of the festival the crew get up early and being to drum up publicity for Crank’s “Return” performance.

    • They head to the VIP entrance and, noticing the security checkpoints, pay a spacie to take a bag through for them, which holds some of their smaller smuggled weaponry.
      • Haam, at the suggestion of Crystala, stashes her pistols in a bush by the security fencing. However when she clears security and goes to retrieve them she discovers that they are gone.
    • While passing through festival security the gang meet Brash Coldblaze and the Naboomtown Rats, and Katalina.
    • Once inside the gang begin helping set up for Crank’s performance.
      • Utrenku begins to make knock-off hutt-sized shirts, while Haam and Gaarvuur speak to a local light-up ball salesman about supply and sponsorship for the performance.
      • Crystala becomes enraptured with a blinking ball being played with by a group of music hipsters. She steals the ball.
      • Meeknu rigs up a fantastic light and sound show for the performance.
      • Gaarvuur spends the day wandering the festival grounds drumming up “VIP” spots and “Backstage Passes” to meet Crank after the show.
        • While doing this, a henchman of Plexus arrives and tells them the product is good and for Gaarvuur and Crank to meet at the VIP pavallions during the Naboomtown Rat’s performance.
    • Crank’s afternoon performance is a huge success.
    • That evening the crew go to meet Krint Plexus.
      • Crank and Garrvuur are admitted into the tent. Utrenku convinces the security to let him join as their future business partner.
        • The rest of the crew wait outside.
      • Crank and Utreknu begins negotiations with Plexus, specifically how to trade the ryll after the festival concludes.
        • Outside the Naboontwon Rats’ performance starts to take a decidedly anti-Imperial direction. The crowd begins to surge and become emotional while the security begins to tighten.
    • During one of their songs, an effigy of a stormtrooper is lowered from the stage ceiling and the performers set it on fire.
    • The crowd goes wild and, somewhere in the crowd, a blaster shot is fired.
      • The Security cut power to the festival and begin to stun and arrest every one.
    • The meeting is cut short and Plexus, electing to separate, leaves his right-hand wookie Rorgarth with them to get the Rust Bucket to an appropriate rendezvous.
    • As the team try to outrun festival security and the wild crowd, Crank is stabbed from behind with a neurotoxin.
      • The attacker is Katalina, an undercover bounty hunter, who plans to steal Crank in the confusion and cash in his bounty.
      • Fortunately Haam and Crystala notice this and attack the bounty hunter. Haam notices that she is wielding the dual pistols that she had lost. Haam kills the bounty hunter and steals her credentials.
    • The crew manage to get out of the festival grounds and decided to double back to pick up their landspeeder and steal a shuttle to get offworld.
    • As they attack a group of heavily armed security, a Lamba-class shuttle lands and squads of stormtroopers disembark and attack.
    • The group manage to down some of the stormtroopers and commandeer the shuttle.
    • Leaving the atmosphere the party discover that the entire system is being put under lockdown by growing imperial forces.
      • They com V3-GA5, who meets them in orbit. The gang quickly transfer to the Rust Bucket, abandoning the shuttle.
    • Rorgarth inputs a destination into the navicomputer and they jump out of the system.
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