Edge of the Empire/The King's Recruits


In which our heroes find themselves with a price on their heads...


The party returns to the New Meen village/mining complex, and are applauded for ridding the twi’leks of Agnu Drommb and his bang of mercenaries.

  • The party negotiates for a stake in the mining complex in leiu of payment for their services.
    • They also offer the eletrax as a bonus, as the creature’s natural ability to sniff out ryll would help the mine get back on its feet.
    • Soondabu Jjigae negotiates so successfully that B’ura B’an offers them a cargo load of surplus ryll, which they might be able move/smuggle for a profit. The payout would help to repair the Rust Bucket and pay for a retrofitted hangerbay.
      • Meeknu and V3-GA5 believe that Repo may be able to hook them up with Jabba the Hutt, who would be able to move the large load, but Tatooine is further away and dangerous.
      • Soondabu and Crank Steevador believe that Niobe Racto may be a safer bet. Kemal Station is closer, but the payout would be smaller.
  • The party votes to travel to Kemal Station and seek out Niobe.

After a week travelling in hyperspace the crew arrives at Kemal Station.

  • When the party arrives at Niobe’s cantina, they try to offload the ryll, but instead she shows them the top Imperial News Bulletin— a bounty posting with all of their faces on it (except Crystala):

50,000 credits EACH

Grand Theft Auto

*The crew realises that Teemo has used his imperial connections to trump up charges against them.

  • Niobe insists that this kind of money is enough to interest big-time bounty hunters like Bossk and ‘the Mandalorian’, and urges them to get off-station immediately, wishing them good luck.

The party attempt to quietly and inconspicuously make their way back to the ship

  • V3-GA5, attempting to blend with the large crowds, gets separated from the group.
  • Meeknu manages to avoid detection by using his small stature, but when he does so he knocks over a cabbage cart.
    • The food vendor screams out “MY CABBAGES!” and turns on the first being he sees— Crystala. He starts screaming for security.
      • Crystala leaps on top of some vendors and scaffolding and manages to out run the security.
    • Meeknu has to avoid a trio of security who are loudly discussing the news about the Vicious Jawa of Vactooine. He succeeds and manages to get back to the ship.
  • Soondabu buys a nerf-scarf and manages to evade local security.
  • Crank buys a big floral sun hat and uses Crystala’s distraction to avoid any security.
  • Reuniting at the ship, the crew agree that they cannot remain in this system. Realising that Tatooine is their last place to law low, they unload the ‘Golden Goose’ and both ships make the jump.

The Rust Bucket and the Golden Goose arrive at Anchorhead and take refuge in Dawnstar’s Repulsor-Lift Repair shop.

  • The crew decide that they will give the ryll to Jabba, and propose that if the team deal with Jabba’s Teemo problem, that the crimelord may be able to sweep aside their bounty problem.
  • Repo agrees to head into Mos Eisley and reach out to Jabba’s people. They would expect a visitor or emissary to make contect with them tomorrow.
    • Meeknu wishes to spend the afternoon travelling out to the site of his clan’s ruined sandcrawler, to bury his family and secure the clan salvaging transport. Since the journey would take a couple of hours V3-GA5 agrees to aid the jawa mechanic.
    • Since Crystala was not on the bounty, she offers to go into Mos Eisley with Repo and buy supplies and munitions.
    • Crank and Soondabu elect to stay at the repair shop, while the Suns of Anchorhead begin to repair the freighter’s hull threshold.

After several hours, the following occurs simultaneously…*

  • Meeknu and V3-GA5 arrive at the coordinates when Meeknu had last seen the sandcrawler. He is disheartened and confused when he sees that it has disappeared.
    • They spot the sandprints of humanoids, the blast patterns of a starship’s repulsor enginges, and giant treads of the crawler leaving the site heading west.
    • They swing the speeder around and follow the treads west..
  • A familiar droid arrives at the repair shop, looking for the crew. It is the same holotransmitter droid that they met previously when speaking to Jabba.
    • The droid projects a hologram, but instead of Jabba, the signal is hijacked and instead Soondabu and Crank find themselves speaking directing to Teemo the Hutt.
    • After threatening each of the party members and their personal histories or broken natures, Teemo says that he has tolerated their interference in his plans long enough…
  • Meanwhile, while on their way to Mos Eisley, Crystala and Repo spot a large convoy of bikers from Kryat Daggers Swoop Club (Known mercenaries of Teemo) racing towards Anchorhead, all armed and looking to kill.
    • Repo and Crystala turn about and race to intercept the gang…
  • Meanwhile Crank pulls out his blaster and shoots the confused holodroid. As it crumples to the floor, Teemo’s flickering hologram laughs in triumph as an implanted grenade within the droid primes and explodes…




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