Edge of the Empire/The King's Recruits


In which our party become Big Damned Heroes...

The crew of the Rust Bucket race across the hot unforgiving deserts of Ryloth, determined to help the beleaguered citizens of the New Meen mine from Teemo’s thugs. They will have to find within themselves the spark of courage , and fight for a cause that is bigger than themselves…

The party take stock of themselves and their equipment following their shoot out with the highway bandits.

  • Meeknu, suffering from a wounded critical injury and B’ura B’an discover that it would take thirty minutes to repair the engine and get back on the road.
  • Soondabu Jjigae, Crystala Artaene and Crank Steevador interrogate one of the remaining bandits.
    • He reveals that their group operate out of Agnu Drommb’s compound, and their standing orders was to harrass and attack the local twi’leks at New Meen.
    • All he knows is that they get their orders out of Tatooine.
  • Soondabu gives the weequay to Crystala to kill. He steps into the nearby cave to avoid watching.
    • Inside he sees the bandits’ camp.
    • Suddenly the far rock wall crumbles and explodes as a lylek, awakened by the fighting, forces itself out of the ground.
    • The three heroes race out of the spire and down the bluff, Crank uses his blaster to create a rock slide to block the cave entrance. This does not stop the rampaging behemoth.
    • V3-GA5 fires at the lylek with his blaster, and is dismayed when the creatures completely shrugs off the laser bolt.
      • As the creature swipes at Crank with its tentacles, Soondabu remembers that the creatures are extremely territorial.
    • When the party make it down onto the flats at the landspeeder, they are relived to see that the lylek stops pursuing them, and returns to the cave.

*Meeknu makes the necessary repairs and they continue on their way to New Meen.

The speeder finally arrives at the New Meen mining complex to discover the whole town empty and seemingly abandoned.

  • Crank spots a tiny figure peering out of a nearby shack.
  • When B’ura B’an calls out, the relieved villagers reveal themselves, explaining how the thugs had attacked the village again that morning.
  • With the sun setting, B’an and the villagers throw a feast in honour of the Rust Bucket crew, in anticipation of their heroic acts.
  • Soondabu uses the complex’s site-to-site comm dish to contact Gaarvuur, instructing the wookie-poet to bring the ship to New Meen now that the cargo has been unloaded.
  • The party enjoy the feast and the gratitude of the locals before going to sleep, aiming to hit the compound at first light. V3-GA5 elects to take watch that night.

The whole village is awoken during the night by a loud crash and the tearing of metal, and the shrieking of women and children…

  • The party wake up and discover that a construction skiff has crashed into a village shack, piloted by a drunken gang of Drommb’s thugs. The thugs try to threaten the crew and steal their landspeeder.
  • The crew of the Rust Bucket shoot down the drunken thugs, and give their weapons to the vilagers, earning the awe of the citizens of New Meen., who become emboldened by their courage and vow to never be taken advantage of again ( +5 EXP for awesome ROLE-PLAYING!)
  • The crew make their plans to attack the compound earlier than expected.
    • They commandeer the thugs’ skiff and hide in the back. They wake up one of the thugs to pilot the skiff to the compound.
    • Crank elects to roll out the Golden Goose to provide aerial support for the attack.
    • V3-GA5 plants stun grenades on the outside of the skiff.

The sun begins to poke its head over the horizon as the skiff approaches the compound.

  • Initially the weequay guards admit the skiff inside the compound. A secondary glance allows the guards to try and halt the skiff.
    • V3-GA5 shoots the weequay driver and slams on the accelerator. They jump the skiff over some freight crates, but crash it into the side of a set of barracks right next to a squad of henchmen.
    • The stun grenades go off— knocking out almost one squad of henchmen. Elsewhere on the complex, sirens begin to blare and four more squads race outside, all in the process of aiming themselves.
    • The squads suddenly have to take cover as Crank performs several strafing runs in the Golden Goose, blowing up a transport skiff and igniting the fuel cells.
    • Meeknu climbs out the topf hatch of the skiff and starts firing at the henchmen.
    • From inside the skiff, V3-GA5 and Soondabu fire at the henchmen as well.
    • The leader, Agnu Dromb comes running out of the mess hall and attacks Meeknu and V3-GA5 with his Geonosian gaffi stick. He is killed by the droid bounty hunter.
  • When the battle is over, Meeknu discovers that all of the compound equipment and buildings bear the construction ID plating of the Empire… i
    • It appears that Teemo has aligned himself with the Empire in order to oust his uncle, Jabba the Hutt.
  • The party decide not to loot the complex, and return to New Meen as celebrated heroes.

MEANWHILE… on the deserts of Tatooine…

Some weequay from Kemal Station seek an audience with Teemo the Hutt and his Barabel enforcer. They tell the hutt about their discussion with Alkeed, and how the crew of the wayfarer-class freighter had departed for Ryloth. Teemo remarks that it is time to speak to Streethyn…



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