Edge of the Empire/The King's Recruits


In which our heroes protect innocent miners from Teemo's thugs...


The crew of the Rust Bucket, desperate to scrounge enough credits to repair their ship, took on a load of cargo to Ryloth, a planet that they already know if involved in Teemo’s plans to oust his uncle, Jabbe the Hutt. If they deliver the cargo to Lonak’Ombe, it could open up avenues to smuggling and money that they urgently need…

After a week of travel, the Rust Bucket emerges from hyperspace… right in the path of an Imperial Customs Frigate.

  • The Frigate orders the Rust Bucket to lay to and prepare for a random cargo inspection.
    • The imperial captain informs the crew about issues that the “natives” had been “gibbering” about.
    • After reviewing the cargo manifest and stamping the freight cargo, the captain also hits the crew with an offworlder ‘tax.’
    • The ship is released and granted a flightpath to Nabat space port.

The _Rust Bucket rumbles into its berth, immediately unloading its cargo.

  • The crew go to collect their earnings, but Crystala Artaene spots a twi’lek male closely watching the gang as they walk down the street.
    • Crank puts on a scene in the middle of the street, catching the twi’lek off guard. He is shocked and speechless at the display.
    • The man introduces himself as B’ura B’an, saying that his friend, Niobe Racto had told him of their arrival. She suggested that the gang might be the kind to help him in his predicament.
      • The ryll mine at New Meen has come under pressure from a band of heavily armed and connected off-worlders. They are being harassed, attacked and forced off their plot of land. The gang realise that this gang, led by one Agnu Drommb, are minions of Teemo the Hutt.
      • B’an requests that they help drive off the weequay thugs
  • Soondabu Jjigae goes and collects his pay from Lonak’Ombe. He congratulates them on a job well done and pays them 10,000 credits.

While the Rust Bucket is being unloaded, the group agrees to travel across the deserts via speeder to B’ura B’an’s village at the New Meen mine.

  • Gaarvuur remains at the ship with Garcon and his daughter Sera.
  • The trip takes several hours, during which V3-GA5 pilots through canyons and ravines very quickly without slowly. Meeknu tries to perform in-flight repairs to the speeder’s dorsal engine pod.

*Passing by a tall bluff, the speeder is suddenly shot by a sniper bolt, it rolls out of control and crashes into the sand.

  • Most of the crew are scratched but okay, expect for Meeknu, who was launched through the air.
  • A voice shouts out from the bluff for the party to surrender, claiming to be Imperial Authorities.
    • Crank and Soondabu hear non-human voices, particularly weequay and gand… obviously not imperials.

A blaster fight breaks out, during which the party scramble for cover behind rocks or the downed speeder.
Crystala uses a sand bluff to race towards the rock spire where the highwaymen lay in ambush.

  • The party injure or kill enough of the brigands that the remaining surrender and drop their arms.



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