Edge of the Empire/The King's Recruits


In which our heroes need to repair their damaged freighter…

The crew of the Rust Bucket decide that they cannot ignore the damage that their freighter has recently sustained. They decide to limp their way to a nearby populated system and try and take on some honest work, while laying low and putting out false trails for Teemo’s agents to follow…

A day after the shoot out, Meeknu reports that he has repaired enough of the Rust Bucket’s undercarriage to allow escape velocity.

  • After reviewing the local starcharts, the crew makes plans to get the ship to the Kemal system, which holds a tibana processing station which operates as a shadow port for the sector.
    • Soondabu recalls the name of a contact of his roommate, Beyan the Dug, a cantina matron called Niobe Racto.
    • Niobe may be able to hook the crew up with some work.
    • The crew begin to interrogate one of Behruz’s minions, Alkeed, for information about Teemo’s operation.
    • When the freighter departs, Crystala Artaene unknowingly stowed aboard, hiding in the maintenance ducts.

After days of travel, the Rust Bucket arrives in the Kemal system.

  • Getting their way past a corrupt traffic controller who exorbitantly charges the crews’ docking fee, they make their way to the cantina owned by Niobe Racto.
  • Soondabu convinces Alkeed that he will be released if he agrees to dressing up as Behruz, and pose as the late weequay smuggler, and claim that he is leaving Teemo’s employ and taking the Rust Bucket with him. (NOTE THAT THIS CHARM CHECK ALSO RESULTED IN A DESPAIR)
    • Alkeed performs this deed, but he secretly uses his weequay pheromones to communicate the truth to some weequay smugglers at the bar.
  • Meeknu, Crank Steevador and V3-GA5 tend to the local bounty board to try and make a quick acquisition.
  • They are shocked to run into Crystala again. They agree to team up and capture a local aqualish named Bandin Dobah.
  • Meanwhile, Soondabu speaks with Niobe about becoming a part of her local smuggling ring. She defers on this decision, as she does not know the party. Instead, she allocates them a freight load of food awaiting transport to the planet Ryloth. If they can get the food to her contact in time and without imperial entanglements she would consider the Rust Bucket the next time she needs some good moved.
  • The crew offer Crystala a space on the ship due to her assistance with the bounty.



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