Edge of the Empire/The King's Recruits


In which our heroes enjoy the takings of their first big score...


The Rust Bucket blasts out of the thin Tatooine atmosphere, punching for deep space, the crew ecstatic and riveted that they have just pulled off their heist for Jabba the Hutt.
Crank pilots the Rust Bucket away from Tatooine, despite planet-wide announcements from Imperial Customs and Security for all ships to power down and lay to. The pilot-performer plots a course to an out-bound asteroid large enough for the Wayfarer-freighter to latch onto and power down all systems to avoid detection.
o They wait atleast three tense hours before restoring their systems, letting the asteroid drift them out of the system.

➢ Counting the cred sticks hastily collected by Crank Steevador, the group equally distribute 40,000 credits between themselves.
Meeknu and V3-GA5 make two unaltered copies of the files from *Teemo*’s private computer drive; the original to be passed on to Jabba.

  • Hacking open one copy of the data, they discover the following:
    * Land purchase orders for plots of land on Ryloth.
    o Purchase and modification orders for a Dunelizard, presumably the Rust Bucket.
    o Recorded communiqué with a person called Sreethyn.
    o Notes and estimates for spice sales in the local sector.
    o Residency papers for a safe house on Vactooine.
    o Public medical and scientific studies into ryll.
    o Coordinates for a location on Geonosis.
    ➢ The party deduce that Teemo must be looking to expand his own power and status in the drug circle, by undercutting his uncle Jabba the Hutt.


➢ The gang contact Jabba on the comm frequency given to them. They speak to the crimelord’s major-domo, Bib Fortuna, who provides them with coordinates for a small out-of-the-way planet where they would make the drop-off in 3 standard-days’ time.
➢ The party spend a day travelling to drop-off point, which leads them to a small uncatalogued colony designated J1-CL2.
o The party meet the locals and discover how difficult conditions are on the planet. Soondabu contacts his old roommate Beyan the Dug, and requests his expertise to help the farmers.
o Crank’s is called from Teemo’s casino on his profession comlink, synched to the ships’ comms. The young lady inquiries as to whether Crank was still planning on performing at the Boonta Eve show.
o Crank destroys his comlink when he realises that his location was being traced through the call.
➢ The party spend the night drinking with the locals.

➢ The next morning the gang set up for the drop-off. A small scout ship arrives and Mysterious Gunslinger, Weyfarin Lun and Human Thug disembark to collect the data.

  • The drop off is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Behruz and eight armed weequay…



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