Teemo Desilijic Borntuv

“The whole Arkanis sector will kneel before my magnificence, and with the wealth and power I shall bring to Nal Hutta, the Council of Elders will have no CHOICE but to accept my lordship!”


Teemo the Hutt was a crime lord in the Hutt Cartel with operations based from his palace in Mos Shuuta, Tatooine in the Outer Rim. He was a Hutt crime lord of considerable influence on Tatooine and the Arkanis Sector, thanks to his relation to the illustrious Jabba Desilijic Tiure. He also operated a casino in Mos Eisley, which he used to launder the money generated from his various illegal enterprises.

Teemo was a juvenile huttlet, with red eyes and green-brown skin. He had a vertical scar which cross his right eye.


At some point prior to the campaign, Teemo became ambitious enough to begin plotting against his uncle. Under operation Golden Goose, he began paying off Jabba’s rivals, purchasing mining sites on Ryloth off the Desilijic clan’s books, entreating with rival swoopbike gangs like the Kryat Daggers SC, and even imperials on Ryloth. It appears that his plans came to fruition with the aide of individual called Sreethyn.

Operation Golden Goose began when Teemo ordered his lieutenant, Thweek, to bomb the weapons safe house owned by Jabba and Suns of Anchorhead
Teemo became aware of the gang through various means and activities—

  • Soondabu Jjigae had been caught counting cards in his Mos Eisley casino.
  • V3-GA5 had met with Teemo to try and broker information about his creator, Dr. Mobius.
  • Meeknu had scavenged a water vaporator from the wreckage of one of his sail barges. As penalty Teemo had the jawa’s entire clan murdered.
  • Crank Steevador mistakenly thought the Teemo’s thugs were after him for another, completely unrelated bounty…

It is ironic that by sending his gamorrean guards against those four scoundrels, Teemo may have united the one group capable to completely destroying his plans of conquest…

Eventually the party, with the backing of Utrenku the Hutt, stormed Teemo’s palace and killed the would-be hutt lord. Meeknu rigged the palace’s external defences to target the palace and reduce it to rubble. With the death of Teemo his assets and man power were reabsorbed into Jabba’s cartel.

Teemo Desilijic Borntuv

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