Niobe Racto

“I hear you’re look’n to move some stuff. Head over to that booth and we’ll talk shop…”



Niobe Racto is a human female in her early thirties. She owns and operates a small cantina on Kemal Station, located in Kemal system of the Arkanis Sector, Outer Rim territories. She also has been known to act as the middleman in the smuggling operations which work through the shadow port.

One side of her head is shaved short, leaving her left side draped in dark brown shoulder-length hair. She wears a collection of chains which are looped through her belt threads, which jingle as she walks.

She never refers to people by their names, instead picking nicknames based on their appearance, personality, or some obvious character flaw. For instance, she calls Soondabu ‘Long Ears’, V3-GA5 ‘Bolts’, Crank ‘Handsome’, Meeknu ‘Short Round’ and Crystala ‘Snowy’ for her pale skin. She once referred to the infamous Boba Fett as simply ‘the Mandalorian.’


“What’ll it be, Long Ears?”

Niobe met the gang through her mutual partner and drug mule, Beyan the Dug. To test the gang and their abilities to freight cargo, she gave them a legitimate cargo run of foodstuffs to Ryloth.

Later, Niobe warned the party of their collective 200,000 credit bounty when they returned to the station looking to move a cargo hold full of ryll.

Niobe Racto

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