Clay "Repo" Dawnstar

““Don’t get me wrong,: we are a club founded on the principles of anarchism, we don’t tend to believe in the same structure the Imperials, or even the old Republic, like to try to impose. But the fact is that we’re law abiding citizens and pay our taxes like everyone else.”


Clay “Repo” Dawnstar is a human male in his fiftoes. He owns and operates a small repulsor-lift repair shop in Anchorhead, located in Tatooine of the Arkanis Sector, Outer Rim territories. He also the president of the Sons of Anchorhead Repulsor-Lift Anarchist Club, or SARLAC, and gun runner for Jabba the Hutt.

He has grey hair and arm sleeve tattoos illustrating a variety of vicious Tatooine fauna. Repo has mellowed with age and quietly dreads the day that he will no longer be able to ride his swoop bike.


“You’ve helped out SARLAC, now it’s time to let SARLAC help you.”

Repo has a long friendship with V3-GA5, and has engaged the services of the droid bounty hunter on many occasions to locate and drag back swindlers and scoundrels who would try to cross either SARLAC or their patron, Jabba the Hutt.

V3-GA5 and his new acquaintances would eventually seek out Repo’s shop as a place of refuge and to get his mechanics to change the IFF Transponder on the The Rust Bucket.

“All this kill’n has got me thinking Vegas— is this the kind of life that your father wanted for you? Is this why he gave you free will?”

Repo has since helped V3-GA5 and the crew of the Rust Bucket out on several occasions, offering shelter, employment, protection, strategies and fatherly advice on many occasions.

Clay "Repo" Dawnstar

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