Bantis is a star system located in the Mid Rim territories.

Bantis II

The primary habitable planet, Bantis II, is a standard habitable planet characterised by temperate lush geology that has remained unspoiled in its three hundred years of colonisation. The system’s only contribution to the wider galaxy is to serve as a refuelling depot and layover point along the Corellian Run.
The initial superstitious settlers, so impressed and awe struck with the planet’s natural beauty, have prevented aggressive expansion and pollution of the planet, and instead have constructed starship docks and garages in orbit. Any traffic to/from the planet is predominantly handled through public transport.
Bantis II holds an annual music festival dedicated to celebrating the planet and the “spirits” of the earth. This annual festive contributes to the system’s yearly GDP and is famous across the sector.
There is little imperial presence on Bantis II, save an Imperial Customs Officer and a token garrison of troops for defense.

Bantis VIII

Ten years ago a mining facility and supportive colony was established on the moon of Bantis VIII, one of the many jovian planets in the system’s outer edge. One carrack-cruiser and a squad of stormtroopers operate on detached duty on the moon since a heist cleared the holdings of an imperial bank one standard year ago.


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