Edge of the Empire/The King's Recruits

In which the party must stop Behruz from stealing the Golden Goose files…


The party arrived on the colony to hand over the data stolen from Teemo’s private computer files. Unbeknowngst to them, Crank’s comlink has traced by non other than Behruz, the former owner of the Rust Bucket and right-hand of Teemo. The party had to ensure that the data went to Jabba and that Behruz did not get off world…

  • Behruz and his thugs arrive and a shoot out takes place.
    • A local member of the colony, Crystala Artaene, arms herself with a hidden pair of vibroswords and joins the fight to defend her home.
    • Jabba’s henchmen, including Mysterious Gunslinger escape with the data and escape in the confusion of the battle.
    • Using the Rust Bucket’s cannons, Soondabu accidently destroys a barn and autoplough.
    • The Rust Bucket crashes into a nerf field.
    • Weequay destroy roof-mounted antennae trying to attack V3-GA5.
  • A wounded Behruz attempts to get away but is tracked to a canyon by V3-GA5 and Meeknu, and killed.
  • The party donate Behruz’s ship to the colony, as compensation for the destruction of property.
In which our heroes enjoy the takings of their first big score...


The Rust Bucket blasts out of the thin Tatooine atmosphere, punching for deep space, the crew ecstatic and riveted that they have just pulled off their heist for Jabba the Hutt.
Crank pilots the Rust Bucket away from Tatooine, despite planet-wide announcements from Imperial Customs and Security for all ships to power down and lay to. The pilot-performer plots a course to an out-bound asteroid large enough for the Wayfarer-freighter to latch onto and power down all systems to avoid detection.
o They wait atleast three tense hours before restoring their systems, letting the asteroid drift them out of the system.

➢ Counting the cred sticks hastily collected by Crank Steevador, the group equally distribute 40,000 credits between themselves.
Meeknu and V3-GA5 make two unaltered copies of the files from *Teemo*’s private computer drive; the original to be passed on to Jabba.

  • Hacking open one copy of the data, they discover the following:
    * Land purchase orders for plots of land on Ryloth.
    o Purchase and modification orders for a Dunelizard, presumably the Rust Bucket.
    o Recorded communiqué with a person called Sreethyn.
    o Notes and estimates for spice sales in the local sector.
    o Residency papers for a safe house on Vactooine.
    o Public medical and scientific studies into ryll.
    o Coordinates for a location on Geonosis.
    ➢ The party deduce that Teemo must be looking to expand his own power and status in the drug circle, by undercutting his uncle Jabba the Hutt.


➢ The gang contact Jabba on the comm frequency given to them. They speak to the crimelord’s major-domo, Bib Fortuna, who provides them with coordinates for a small out-of-the-way planet where they would make the drop-off in 3 standard-days’ time.
➢ The party spend a day travelling to drop-off point, which leads them to a small uncatalogued colony designated J1-CL2.
o The party meet the locals and discover how difficult conditions are on the planet. Soondabu contacts his old roommate Beyan the Dug, and requests his expertise to help the farmers.
o Crank’s is called from Teemo’s casino on his profession comlink, synched to the ships’ comms. The young lady inquiries as to whether Crank was still planning on performing at the Boonta Eve show.
o Crank destroys his comlink when he realises that his location was being traced through the call.
➢ The party spend the night drinking with the locals.

➢ The next morning the gang set up for the drop-off. A small scout ship arrives and Mysterious Gunslinger, Weyfarin Lun and Human Thug disembark to collect the data.

  • The drop off is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Behruz and eight armed weequay…
In which our heroes' carefully laid plans fall apart...



The gang conclude their first day surveying the casino belonging to Teemo the Hutt, and return to their cheap inconspicuous motel.
Meeknu and V3-GA5 plan to return to the casino that night to plant a minute det charge in the rooftop maintenance hatch.
Soondabu and Crank Steevador plan to follow the casino’s manager, Garcon, to his home and steal his credentials, allowing the team to bypass any internal security points.

Later that night, the gang split up to accomplish their new respective objectives.
➢ Meeknu struggles to stealthily climb up to the roof of the casino. Luckily his small stature and the fact that he is a jawa allow him to avoid any particular attention of the roving security guards on the roof.
o He is able to successfully splice into the system, setting up a backdoor code that will allow him to later gain control of the power and security during their upcoming heist.
➢ V3-GA5 patrols on the grounds, taking note of the rear docks of the casino.
➢ Soondabu, Crank and Gaarvuur take one of their stolen speeders to Garcon’s house.
o The door is opened by Garcon’s daughter, a ten year-old girl, named Sera.
o Soondabu and Crank attempt to pose as hired muscle of Teemo’s sent to collect Garcon, claiming that his presence was required back at the casino.
o Garcon sees through the lie and tries to pull a blaster on the group. He thoughts out to his daughter to “hit the button,” before Soondabu and Gaarvuur stun him.
o Crank races out to the corridor after the daughter, who has locked herself in her bedroom. Blasting off the lock, Crank discovers that Sera had pushed a silent panic alarm in her clothes closet. She starts to scream loudly to awaken the neighbours, leaving Crank with little choice but to stun her. The decision does not rest easy with him.
o With the neighbours now awake and curious, the team flee in Garcon’s expensive speeder coupé.


With Garcon’s panic alarm triggered, the team decide that they must immediately break into the casino, getting Meeknu to cut the security and power, while using Garcon’s ID to clear and automated checkpoints.
➢ Meeknu climbs back up to roof and opens the maintenance hatch.
➢ Crank drops Soondabu, Gaarvuur and their unconscious prisoners at the Rust Bucket, and then the performer-extraordinaire races to the casino to assist the others in the heist.
➢ A guard appears on the roof for a smoke break, forcing Meeknu to stop his slicing and hide.
➢ Crank and V3-GA5 break into the casino’s back dock, using Garcon’s credentials.
o They hide in an office while waiting for Meeknu to disable the internal security cameras and checkpoints.
➢ Soondabu pours Garcon a drink.
➢ The guard discovers Meeknu hiding on the roof. The jawa grabs the guard’s own gun and stuns him, then quickly returns to his task.
➢ With the power and security disabled, Crank and V3-GA5 make their way to the casino’s vaults.
o The vault’s force shielding has powered down. Crank stuffs his bag and pockets with as many cred sticks as he can.
o V3-GA5 jacks in to Teemo’s private computer drive and downloads the content.
➢ Soondabu pilots the Rust Bucket, and flies low over the city towards the casino.

➢ Casino security finally reacts to the break in. Crank gets blaster bolt in his back as their dash out the back dock.
➢ The team scramble up the ramp of the Rust Bucket and blast away into the night.



The after the gang’s return from Vactoine, a translator droid enters Reepo’s office, stipulating that it has a message from its master. From the droid’s chest plate, a hologram emitter flickers into life and forms the digital image of a large hutt breathing deeply from a hookah.

Jabba the Hutt.

Impressed with the flight data from the Golden Goose, the head of the criminal kajidic instructs his droid to give the party a cred stick with 3,000 credits as a token of his appreciation. Soonbadu ingratiates himself and the party to the criminal hutt lord, each member (bar Meeknu, who shudders in fear of the hutt) describes how they have bested Teemo in the past, and offer their services to the hutt.
Jabba, although amused at his younger cousins attempts at wresting power from him, tells the gang that he wants to utterly destroy the huttling—and to do so, he needs to know exactly what Teemo is doing and what he is planning.

Therefore, he engages the gang’s services to find this incriminating evidence—he demands that they break into Teemo’s casino vaults in Mos Eisley and download a copy of the huttling’s private computer files. Any and all of the valuable contents of the vault are the party’s in lieu of payment. The upcoming Boonta Eve pod race would be the ideal time to break in. In addition, Jabba tells the party that he will inform his weapons master in the city, Kayson, to give the party a 15% discount for supplies needed to carryout the job.

After the conclusion of the conference, the gang meet Reepo at the local cantina, The Slaughtered Dewback and agree to head to Mos Eisley to begin a stake of the casino, its staff and facilities.


Piloting the Rust Bucket across the desert, the gang pay for a private docking berth to keep prying eyes of Teemo’s forces from identifying the freighter.

After availing themselves of some new gear and weapons at Kayson’s Weapon Store, the gang split up and spend the day staking out the casino, looking for intelligence, patterns of business and the layout of the facility.
They discover the following
➢ The front entrance is manned by eight private security, with weapons scanners. Also, any droid companions must be fitted with a restraint and governor system.
➢ The external verandahs and fire exits are fitted with alarms and surveillance.
➢ Extra staff have been temporarily hired to cater for the Boonta Eve festivities. They are all supplied with generic ID tags for security checkpoints.
➢ The casino channels a lot of city-supplied power to its lower subterranean levels—power typical of a ray shield.
➢ A fire-escape ladder leads to the roof of the casino.
➢ Staff rotations occur three times a day.
➢ Crank signs himself up as a free lance performer, with access backstage
➢ Armoured security arrive at the backdock to retrieve money, which is escorted to the local banks.
➢ The casino manager is a man named Garson, who drives an expensive landspeer coupé. He is a vain egotistical man who is not well liked by his employees.
➢ A local drycleaning service called Sand No More is responsible for the daily cleaning and supplying of all of the casino’s uniforms.



The Rust Bucket races across the surface of Vactooine, closely tailed by four T.I.E fighters in pursuit. Inside, Crank Steevador pilots the freighter into some steep canyons and ravines in an effort to shake the imperial fighters. Meanwhile Meeknu the Jawa storms around the engine bay, still consumed by a murderous rage after killing Jefdaq Corslin. As the Rust Bucket lumbers through the ravines and dodges gigantic mining juggernauts, the T.I.E fighters split into two flights, one rising to a higher altitude while the other pair dive down into the ravine to follow.

Meanwhile, in the cargo hold’s new bounty hold, Soondabu Jjigae and Gaarvuur begin to interrogate Thweek, the kubaz pilot captured back at the spaceport. During the interrogation, Thweek reveals that he was ordered by Teemo the Hutt to bomb the weapons warehouse on Tatooine and return to hiding on Vactooine. Unknown to the kubaz, the warehouse belonged to Jabba and the Sons of Anchorhead, which the gang realise was intended to be the opening move in the young huttling’s plan to overthrow his elder cousin and rise to the head of the Desilijic clan.

Desperate to survive and escape Teemo, Thweek offers the flight recording data from his star fighter, the Golden Goose, which was still docked in Vactooine’s spaceport. He agrees to give them all of his flight data that would link the Goose to the safe house owned by Teemo on Vactooine, which would be the type of evidence needed for Jabba to remove him cousin permanently.

Meanwhile, back in the cockpit, Crank grapples with the controls as the T.I.E fighter’s begin opening fire with their laser cannons, blasting the aft hull plating of the freighter. V3-GA5 mans the weapon control station and fire suppressive blasts back, hoping to deter the fighters while not actually hitting them.
Eventually, Crank detects a large mining hole on his scanners and – in an incredible display of piloting talent- dives the freighter into the deep hole and swings the ship into a shaft. Amazingly, the metal ore within the mining shaft disrupted ship-based sensors, and the T.I.E eventually – unable to detect the Rust Bucket – depart.


Having waited several hours into the night to ensure that the Imperials had left the area, the Rust Bucket quietly returns to the edge of the spaceport. Since he had remained on the ship during the spaceport shooting and was unknown to the authorities, Crank Steevador is chosen to sneak into the docking bays and acquire the Golden Goose.

Taking one of the speeder bikes, Crank drives into the darkened city, returning to the docking bay where Thweek had secured his fighter. After fixing the engine damage from Meeknu and downloading the flight data to a datapad, Crank commandeers the fighter and takes off, joining the Golden Goose in orbit. Together, they make the hyperspace jump back to Tatooine.


Returning to the desert of Tatooine, the Rust Bucket and the Golden Goose touch down outside Dawn Motors and hand the incriminating evidence over to Repo. As agreed, Soondabu and V3-GA5 convince Repo to spare Thweek’s life and let him escape the planet on public transport.

The next day, while the gang are relaxing and laying low at Repo’s mechanic shop, a translator droid enters the office with Repo close behind. The droid stipulates that it has a message from its master. From the droid’s chest plate, a hologram emitter flickers into life and forms the digital image of a large hutt breathing deeply from a hookah…

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Scene I: The Wild GOOSE Chase…

The day after their triumphant capture of Talion Gevarak, the crew of the Rust Bucket depart Tatooine, hoping to escape the clutches of Teemo the Hutt and forge a new future for themselves.

As their freighter breaks atmo, the gang receive a communication from Clay “Repo” Dawnstar, who reveals that over night their secret weapons warehouse was bombed by a small star fighter. On behalf of the Sons of Anchorhead and Jabba Hutt, Repo employs the Rust Bucket’s services to track the starship and return with the pilot alive for questioning. Soondabu successfully negotiates a fee for their services, and Repo promises that they would earn the gratitude of Jabba himself.

After Repo forwards the sensor scans of the starship, Crank Steevador and Soondabu begin actively scanning for the ship. They find a nearby ship that matches the profile, a G1-M4-C Dunelizard fighter, whose IFF broadcast registers it as the Golden Goose, a privately owned fighter out of Vactooine. Unfortunately the Golden Goose already had a substantial headstart and had cleared Imperial customs and was on an outbound flight path. By the time the Rust Bucket cleared customs the smaller fighter Jumped to hyperspace along a trajectory for Vactooine. Crank and Meeknu the Jawa plotted an astrogation course which would allow them to arrive at Vactooine before the dunelizard.

After a day in hyperspace the Rust Bucket rumbles back into realspace in orbit around the jungle-mining planet, Vactooine. After waiting in orbit for the arrival of the dunelizard Crank eases the freighter into the traffic lands and follows the Golden Goose to the planet’s primary spaceport.

Securing a docking bay close to the Golden Goose, the team split up:
➢ Meeknu and Crank would remain in the starport and try to steal the Golden Goose, or at least steal the ship’s onboard flight computer.
➢ V3-GA5 would use his bounty hunter license to try and make some inquiries about the starfighter at the Imperial docking control.
➢ Soondabu and Gaarvuur would tail the Golden Goose’s pilot.

Firstly, Soondabu and Gaarvuur exit the docking bay and just manage to catch sight of a kubaz exiting the docking bay housing the Golden Goose. Quickly stopping to buy an umbrella, the pair try to inconspicuously follow the kubaz pilot through the bustling streets of Vactoonie.

Meeknu and Crank leave the Rust Bucket with one of the damaged speeder bikes and park infront of the Golden Goose’s docking bay doors to begin repairs. After fixing the steering controls, Meeknu sneaks into the Golden Gooses’s docking ring. He initially tries to gain access to the ship’s cockpit but, seeing that the hatch had security modifications, the jawa instead opened the engine cowling and removed a power actuator, which would leave the ship’s engines powerless. After this, the pair continues to stake out the Golden Goose’s bay doors, under the pretence of repairing their speeder bike.

Meanwhile V3-GA5 visits the local Imperial spacesport authority and makes some inquiries about the registration of the Golden Goose. Surprisingly, when the young officer enters the ship’s ID tags into the system, he is quickly escorted away by an Imperial captain and security. V3-GA5 makes a quick escape and tries to catch up to Soondabu and Gaarvuur.

Meanwhile, the gungan and the wookie tail the unknown kubaz pilot through the spacesport to a small tapcafe near the port’s railway station. Leaving Gaarvuur outside to watch the exits, Soondabu heads into the busy tapcafe and takes a seat behind the kubaz, who is now speaking to a human, with out arousing any suspicion. He leaves his comlink open to the rest of the gang and listens to the kubaz begin to frantically speak to his human contact. The pair discusses the successful bombing of the warehouse and what their next orders would be. Soondabu quietly speaks to the kubaz and human, convincing them that he works for their ‘benefactor’ and that plans have changed, and they need to follow him to safety. The kubaz asks his contact ”This wasn’t part of the plan. What’s going on, Jefdaq?”

As soon as *Meeknu hears the name ‘Jefdaq’ over the comm. He drops his hydrospanner and starts to run through the crowded spacesport towards the tapcafe. Meanwhile Soondabu has almost convinced the kubaz and the human that they have been followed from Tatooine. The human smuggler is still unconvinced, but something outside the large glass windows catches his eye.
His eyes widen in horror and shock and he yells. ”Oh spast, it’s Meeknu!” Without notice Jefdaq pulls out his blaster and shoots at the jawa.

Chaos erupts in the tapcaf as glass shatters and customers scream and flee.

Quick on his feet, Soondabu uses the moment to convince Jefdaq that he needs to follow Gaaruur and himself to their ship in the spaceport. So Gaarvuur and Soondabu lead the two outlaws through the spaceport being chased by a murderous Meeknu, who continues to fire blaster bolts at the fleeing fugitives. The spaceport security began to then chase them, but a misaimed shot by Meeknu destroyed a coolant pipeline, forcing the imperial security to duck for safety.

Barely ahead of the local imperial security, the gang race back to the Rust Bucket with Jefdaq and Thweek in tow. As Crank fires up the engines and blasts out of the spaceport, the rest of the gang draw their weapons and quickly beat the two outlaws into unconsciousness.

Meeknu and Soondabu interrogate Jefdaq, a Tatooine-black marketeer who had previously betrayed Meeknu and his entire clan to Teemo the Hutt. Caught in a blood murder-rage, Meeknu brutally tortures Jefdaq until the he reveals that the warehouse bombing that been orchestrated by Teemo himself. As the freighter blasts away, and port-based T.I.E fighers begin to pursue the gang, Meeknu picks up his heavy hydrospanner and caves in the man’s skull…


Season 1
The Long Arm of the Hutt

Episode V

Scene I: “We don’t serve their kind…”

As the twin suns begin to bake the surface of Tatooine, the party is already busy trying to find ways to make some quick cash and get off the desert planet.

While his fellow fugitives head to the nearby cantina to try and drum up some work, V3-GA5 borrows a landspeeder belonging to Clay “Reepo” Dawnstar and heads to Tatooine’s capital city, Bestine. The droid bounty hunter intends to use his bounty hunting liscence to attempt to get some quick easy bounties in the local system in order to get the party some quick cash and assets.

Heading to the local Imperial Law Enforcement office, V3-GA5 suffers through the discrimination of the officer-on-duty before being handed an outstanding bounty for one Talion Gevarak, a local two-bit gangster and computer slicer guilty of illegal vehicle modifications. Last known location: Anchorhead.

By the time V3-GA5 returns from Bestine the long hot day has come to an end and he catches up with Crank Steevador, Meeknu the Jawa, Soonbadu, and is introduced to Gaarvuur, the wookiee warrior-poet and newly appointed member of the Rust Bucket. The rest of the gang fill the android in on their adventures out to the Tatoo belt and the salvage operation, while V3-GA5 presents the party with the bounty for Talion Gevarak.

Scene II: The Hunt Begins…

The next day the group hit the streets of Anchorhead looking for their bounty, Talion Gevarak. Using the information provided on the notice they decide to head to the Slaughtered Dewback, the local cantina owned by a known associate, Shayn’telis. Unfortunately, the barman is not able to provide any information about Gevarak’s whereabouts, but he does subtly motion to a grizzled looking swoop rider sitting at the end of the bar.

Crank Steevador approaches the man and inquires about Gevarak, tensions rise in the whole cantina as it is revealed that Gevarak worked for the local Kryat Daggers Swoop Club, and they were not too pleased with the group poking around asking questions. The group quickly leave the cantina and hide across the road in a tapcafé.
Not long after, backup from the Kryat Daggers SC show up on swoops, searching for them.
After several minutes hiding, the swoop gang separate: one rider races off in the direction of Dawnstar Motors, the rest turn around and depart the street, leaving one young Prospect behind at the cantina. The gang, worried about the well-being of Repo, quickly stun the lone Prospect, bundle his unconscious body in their speeder, and return to protect Repo.

Scene III: People Don’t Have Bounties, Only Acquisitions Have Bounties.

Returning to Dawnstar Motors, the gang are relieved to see that Repo and his men were not assaulted by the Kryat Daggers SC. Soondabu and Meeknu interrogate the young Daggers prospect, who reveals that Talion Gevarak has been sent to a swoop club safe house in Mos Shutta, close to the docking bays.

Fearful of returning to Teemo’s stronghold, but also desperate for credits, the gang agree to pursue Gevarak to the safe house and capture him alive.

Taking their newly acquired Rust Bucket, the gang land in the deserts outside of Mos Shutta, to avoid attention. Travelling into town, they quickly find the safe house. V3-GA5, being the only professional bounty hunter of the group, leads the attack through the front doors of the complex with Meeknu and Crank. Soondabu sneaks around the back of the house through the driveway. While the Kryat Daggers assigned to protect Gevarak engage in a blaster fight with V3-GA5 and the others, Gevarak attempts to flee out the back door, rigging a stun genade behind him. The gang set their blasters to stun and dispatch the swoop riders, although Crank nearly blows one prone rider’s head off accidently. Meanwhile, as the slicer jumps on his speeder bike out in the driveway, he is stunned unconscious by Soondabu.

The gang bundle up their quarry and- having their bounty writ- calmly wait for the local Imperial constabulary to arrive on the scene. They pass over their unconscious marks and receive their 3,000 credits.


Season 1
The Long Arm of the Hutt

Episode IV

Scene I: The Wookiee Warrior-Poet

As the twin suns begin to bake the surface of Tatooine, the party is already busy trying to find ways to make some quick cash and get off the desert planet.

Clay “Reepo” Dawnstar loans one of his landspeeders to the droid bounty hunter V3-GA5, who travels to Bestine, the capital city, trying to locate some bounty hunting prospects.

Meanwhile, Reepo takes smuggler and budding-performer Crank Steevador and the Jawa mechanic Meeknu to Anchorhead’s one-and-only cantina to try and drum up some work.
Already the cantina is full of moisture farmers, swoop riders and folk trying to avoid the morning heat. In one corner of the cantina, a lone Wookiee publically growls a lament for his subjugated people. As the drunken crowd begins to grow negative and violent, Crank rescues the wookiee who introduces himself as Gaarvuur, a lone wookiee who is down on his luck and in need of money to escape the desert planet.

Meanwhile, Meeknu spots a businessman talking angrily on his comlink and approaches the man.
After a chat, the human man reveals that he is an entrepreneur who charters local freighter captains to travel out to the Tatoo system’s asteroid belt and return with loads of frozen water, which are mined by robotic mining probots. The man reveals that the current courier is late reporting back from the belt: he fears that either the ship has been damaged, waylaid by pirates, or worse, that the freighter captain has taken the valuable water and sold it to his competitors.

The man offers the gang 3,000 credits to travel out to the system and ascertain what happened to the freighter, and if possible, return with the supplies.

The gang walk back to Dawn Motors, pleased that they have secured a paying job and immediately leave in the Rust Bucket.

Scene II: A floating corpse…

Making a short and precise hyperspace jump to the edge of the Tatoo belt, the crew of the Rust Bucket quickly discover that the ship’s navicomputer incorrectly plotted the coordinates, dropping them many hundreds of kilometres from their intended exit vector. Although they are initially frustrated, the ship’s active sensors identify a small asteroid rich with metals. The crew quickly scramble and clear the forward cargo hold, and draw the asteroid into the ship, believing that they might be able to sell it later for a profit.

After sweeping the area with their sensors, Crank manages to locate a drifting starship and drives the Rust Bucket towards it.
When they arrive, the crew manage to correctly identify the dead ship as belonging to the entrepreneur’s fleet, although the old YT freighter appears to have had the entire aft section torn open from an impact, and wreckage and debris orbits the spinning corpse.

The Rust Bucket’s sensors detect no life or life support onboard the ship, and the power core, although lifeless, appears undamaged. The crew make a plan to send Meeknu over in a spacesuit to reactivate or repair the power core and re-establish power aboard the freighter before trying to locate and reclaim the supplies.

While Crank makes a series of challenging dock procedures, Gaarvuur helps Meeknu strap into the overly large spacesuit. Once the docking procedure is completed, Crank uses the Rust Bucket’s RCS thrusters to stop the freighter’s uncontrolled drift, allowing Meeknu to safely traverse into the damaged ship’s exposed engineering bay.

Scene III: Frozen bodies…

Making his way through a series of emergency bulkhead doors, Meeknu finally reaches the freighter’s cockpit. From there he re-establishes the ship’s onboard life support and magcon fields, repressurising the aft holds. Once Crank and Gaarvuur are aboard the crew quickly search the ship, locating the lifeless bodies of the freighter crew and their belongings.
The Rust Bucket crew quickly recover the crews’ bodies, their personal effects, and the processed water supplies. As the last crate is transferred to the Rust Bucket, the ship’s passive sensors detect a group of small ships approaching at close range.

When Crank establishes communications, a voice claims that they are poaching on their territory, and that it would be in their best interests to hand over the salvage. Crank detaches from the freighter and fires up the engines, blasting away and jumping into hyperspace.

Returning to the deserts of Anchorhead, Crank, Meeknu and Gaarvuur take the supplies to the entrepreneur who, while regretting the loss of his employees, pays them the agreed fee. As the suns set over another day on Tatooine, the crew find themselves, for the first time, a little bit richer, and a little closer to earning their freedom from Teemo the Hutt…

Game Session notes.

*the crew earn 3,000 credits (distributed evenly + group kitty)
*the crew salvage an asteroid of unknown value
*the crew locate the freighter captain’s datapad (contained within is a list of preferred shipping routes, flagged and pending contracts and transporting contacts)


Season 1
The Long Arm of the Hutt

Episode III

Scene I: You can’t stop the signal…

Rumbling out of hyperspace, a lone Wayfarer-class Medium Transport Freighter reverts to realspace on the edge of the Tatooine system. Inside, the ship is full of chaos.

Plasma leaks out of a pipe from the engineering bay, while a wild elephantine creature brays and trashes inside the cargo hold. At the same time, a loud klaxon blares over the ship-wide comm and unbearable pig-sounding music warbles from the speakers. Crank Steevador, V3-GA5 and Meeknu the Jawa begin to bring some order back to the ship. While doing so they discover the following:
• After calming the creature down, V3-GA5 recognises it as an eletrax, but has no other information in his memory banks.
• Cranks Steevador manages to switch the music off and reset the ship computers to basic language settings. He discovers that the music and alarm were rigged to coincide with a warning system— the ship’s power converters are nearly depleted and need to be replenished.
• The crew find 1,000 credits strewn through the various crew cabins.
• Meeknu uses his tools to repair the plasma leak, and in doing so allows that particular pipeline to yield more strain during combat and taxing scenarios (+1 system strain to the ship)

While accessing the ship’s computers, the crew discover that a pulse emitter is transmitting the ship’s location back to *Teemo*’s palace on Tatooine every 30 seconds. Meeknu, while unable to block the signal, manages to delay the transmissions to one pulse every thirty minutes.
The crew use their scanners to locate the pulse emitter, which resides on the outer hull of the Freighter, aft near the engines. V3-GA5 opts to spacewalk along the hull to either detach or disassemble the emitter. After shutting down the engines, the droid bounty hunter uses its magnetised footpads to safely walk to the emitter. Prying the emitter from the hull plating, V3-GA5 flings the emitter into the blackness of space and returns to the ship’s airlock.

With the other pressing matters taken care of, the crew consider their next options. Realising that they are travelling in a stolen ship, the gang decide that they need to alter the freighter’s transponder signal before they can escape the Tatooine system. V3-GA5 recalls that he has a contact back on Anchorhead, a man with a talented mechanic who owes the droid a favour…

Scene II : The Sons of Anchorhead

After making a short hyperspace jump back to Tatooine, Crank lands the freighter on the outskirts of Anchorhead, a small rundown township on the frontiers of the Tatooine deserts. The android bounty hunter leads the group to a small swoop bike garage called Dawn Motors, an establishment operated and own by a grizzled man called Clay Reepo Dawnstar. Reepo made use of V3-GA5’s unique services and agrees to have his slicer reconfigure the ship’s IFF transponder, in exchange for their help.

After the assassin droid vouches for Crank and Meeknu, Reepo explains that he and his swoop bike gang, the Sons of Anchorhead, run guns for Jabba the Hutt, and that he is currently sitting on a large shipment of blaster rifles which need to be transported to the gang’s weapons warehouse in the Juneland Wastes. His swoop bike compatriots had been temporarily arrested by the local constabulary for cantina brawling with some members of the rival swoop MC The Krayt Daggers.
Agreeing to transport the merchandise, Crank, Meeknu and V3-GA5 mount up on swoop bikes with the weapons crates and head off into the desert.

Scene III: “The Juneland Wastes are not to be travelled lightly…“

As the twin suns begin to set, the gang wind their way through the deep ravines and canyons towards the Sons of Anchorhead’s warehouse. Passing through a particularly deep and rocky canyon, the gang find themselves under attack by Tusken Raiders, who had set up an ambush, using the high outcroppings as cover. While V3-GA5 return fire with their blaster pistols, Crank Steevador revs his swoopbike and races by the steep canyon walls, bouncing and driving its way towards the nearest pair of Tuskens. When Crank sprays the raiders with blaster fire, the pair of Tuskens jump over the rock cover to avoid being driven over, and – due to the steep terrain— have no choice but to run down the canyon into the line of fire.

Meanwhile, back on the canyon floor, Meeknu takes cover while another pair of Tusken raider unleashes a volley of pistol fire at the jawa, some of the bullets sheering metal and damaging the central steering handles. V3-GA5 and Crank make short work of the remaining Tuskens up on the ridge, and the indigenous creatures eventually beat a hasty retreat.
Meeknu tries to make some quick repairs to the Swoop bike and the gang press on to the warehouse.

As nighttime falls the gang arrive at the warehouse and offload the weapons crates to a young prospect for the Sons of Anchorhead MC. He laughs when they tell him about the Tuskens, responding that they help to act as deterrents for any ‘snooping eyes.’
The return trip is uneventful and when the gang pull up at Anchorhead, Reepo presents them with the new IFF transponder for the freighter, which they rename The Rust Bucket.

Game Session notes.
➢ The ship, The Rust Bucket, now belongs to the party.
➢ Meeknu salvages some slugthrower rifles, which he sells in Anchorhead.


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