Edge of the Empire/The King's Recruits

Season 2: The Ballad of Crank Steevador

Season 2, Episode 1-4

It has been some weeks since the crew of the Rust Bucket killed Teemo the Hutt. In that time they have laid low at their newly acquired Ryll Mine on the desert planet Ryloth.

  • The head of the Mining Guild, B’ura B’an, tells the party that the latest shipment of the ryll is ready for transport, plus a “little extra that fell off the back of the landspeeder”
  • The crew elect to take the ryll to Kamel Station and to try and use Niobe Racto and her contacts.
  • Utrenku, eager to use the resources of the ryll mine, becomes business partners with the Rust Bucket and immediately begins converting the aft storage into his private parlour.

*After a short hyperspace jump, they arrive at Kamel Station.

  • Soondabu negotiates with Niobe in her back office.
  • While the others wait and enjoy some drinks on the house, a scarred togruta female enters the cantina and locates her quarry. The crew recognise that she was one of Jabba’s henchmen who met them on JL-C12.
    • Haam gets into a shoot out with a human male and coldly kills him.
  • Also in the cantina is Crank’s unofficial manager, Vera. The female duros implores him to get back into the music business and mentions that the Spirit of the Festival being held on Bantis II is only a week away.
    • Some members of the crew know that a lot of shady deals go down at huge music festivals like this, and elect to try and sell some of their extra ryll to black marketeers while Crank plays at the festival.
  • After talking with Haam, she offers to pay a passenger fare to go with them to Bantis II, in order to continue hunting those who betrayed her and left her for dead.
  • The crew do some much needed shopping to upgrade and outfit their gear. Crank buys a large sound system to help with his upcoming performance.
    • He admits to the crew that he has a small bounty on Bantis VII, and does not wish to stay longer than the festival.
    • After two days hyperspace travel the Rust Bucket arrives in orbit around Bantis II.
      • As all planetary traffic is secured in orbit, the crew load their gear onto a landspeeder and pay the fare to get it transported. As “Spacies” of Crank Steevador they get to ride in the VIP airship.
      • While travelling to the planet, Crank runs into Brash Coldblaze, a fellow performer who has alwasy been down-on-his-luck. Coldblaze has reinvented his image and has latched on to controversial band The Naboomtown Rats. With them is music indie journalist, Katalina, who regards the crew as posers and treats them with disgust.
    • On planet, the first day of the festival begins and the crew spend the day enjoying the sights while trying to drum up business for their ryll mine.
      • They eventually learn of one Krint Plexus, a local small-time drug handler who would be interested in purchasing the ryll for the festival-goers. They set up a meet for that afternoon.
    • Crank and Gaarvuur attend the VIP function and negotiate with Plexus, providing him with a sample of their product.
      • Plexus is eager to do business, pending an analysis of the ryll. They plan to meet again tomorrow evening during the height of the festivities.
        • Crank spends the afternoon busking and earns himself 300 credits.

    *On the second day of the festival the crew get up early and being to drum up publicity for Crank’s “Return” performance.

    • They head to the VIP entrance and, noticing the security checkpoints, pay a spacie to take a bag through for them, which holds some of their smaller smuggled weaponry.
      • Haam, at the suggestion of Crystala, stashes her pistols in a bush by the security fencing. However when she clears security and goes to retrieve them she discovers that they are gone.
    • While passing through festival security the gang meet Brash Coldblaze and the Naboomtown Rats, and Katalina.
    • Once inside the gang begin helping set up for Crank’s performance.
      • Utrenku begins to make knock-off hutt-sized shirts, while Haam and Gaarvuur speak to a local light-up ball salesman about supply and sponsorship for the performance.
      • Crystala becomes enraptured with a blinking ball being played with by a group of music hipsters. She steals the ball.
      • Meeknu rigs up a fantastic light and sound show for the performance.
      • Gaarvuur spends the day wandering the festival grounds drumming up “VIP” spots and “Backstage Passes” to meet Crank after the show.
        • While doing this, a henchman of Plexus arrives and tells them the product is good and for Gaarvuur and Crank to meet at the VIP pavallions during the Naboomtown Rat’s performance.
    • Crank’s afternoon performance is a huge success.
    • That evening the crew go to meet Krint Plexus.
      • Crank and Garrvuur are admitted into the tent. Utrenku convinces the security to let him join as their future business partner.
        • The rest of the crew wait outside.
      • Crank and Utreknu begins negotiations with Plexus, specifically how to trade the ryll after the festival concludes.
        • Outside the Naboontwon Rats’ performance starts to take a decidedly anti-Imperial direction. The crowd begins to surge and become emotional while the security begins to tighten.
    • During one of their songs, an effigy of a stormtrooper is lowered from the stage ceiling and the performers set it on fire.
    • The crowd goes wild and, somewhere in the crowd, a blaster shot is fired.
      • The Security cut power to the festival and begin to stun and arrest every one.
    • The meeting is cut short and Plexus, electing to separate, leaves his right-hand wookie Rorgarth with them to get the Rust Bucket to an appropriate rendezvous.
    • As the team try to outrun festival security and the wild crowd, Crank is stabbed from behind with a neurotoxin.
      • The attacker is Katalina, an undercover bounty hunter, who plans to steal Crank in the confusion and cash in his bounty.
      • Fortunately Haam and Crystala notice this and attack the bounty hunter. Haam notices that she is wielding the dual pistols that she had lost. Haam kills the bounty hunter and steals her credentials.
    • The crew manage to get out of the festival grounds and decided to double back to pick up their landspeeder and steal a shuttle to get offworld.
    • As they attack a group of heavily armed security, a Lamba-class shuttle lands and squads of stormtroopers disembark and attack.
    • The group manage to down some of the stormtroopers and commandeer the shuttle.
    • Leaving the atmosphere the party discover that the entire system is being put under lockdown by growing imperial forces.
      • They com V3-GA5, who meets them in orbit. The gang quickly transfer to the Rust Bucket, abandoning the shuttle.
    • Rorgarth inputs a destination into the navicomputer and they jump out of the system.
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    In which our heroes take the fight to Teemo’s front door!


    Meeknu and V3-GA5 race across the dunes of Tatooine, tracking the large winding treads of the sandcrawler belonging to the N’Kik clan.

    • Pulling over to assess some unusual tracks, the pair are able to distinguish about eight footprints, including the claw marks of a barabel.
    • Meeknu also notices that the treads have been slowly easing their way east, back towards the major settlements like Mos Eisley and Mos Shutta.

    *Half an hour later, with the first of the Tatoo suns disappearing over the horizon, the pair arrive at the canyons and ravines of the jundland wastes to discover the sandcrawler treads continuing to drive down into the deep canyon.

    • Meeknu knows that this ancient quarry site, mired with nooks and crannies, caves and ancient scaffolding, would be an ideal resting or camping site for many of Tatooine’s wildlife—both animal and sentient.
    • V3-GA5 notices a rickety old bridge overhead as well as a steep path winding up to the top of the canyon wall. They elect to drive along the canyon ridgeline and hope to reunite with the sandcrawler tracks on the other side.
      • They spot at least ten small campfires strewn throughout the canyon below, and faintly hear the echoing of tribal music, howls and screams of tusken raiders.
    • Fortunately, they catch sight of the sandcrawler’s tracks on the other side of the canyon and elect to keep following the tracks.

    Meanwhile, back at Dawnstar Motors, Soondabu and Crank cut short their hologram conversation with Teemo the Hutt and unknowingly trigger a grenade embedded with the holodroid.

    • Crank manages to dive behind a desk, sheltering him from the grenade while Soondabu is thrown into the office wall by the concussive blast, disorientating him temporarily.
    • Outside, the Krayt Daggers Swoop Club speed into the Suns of Anchorhead compound, and unleash a torrent of blaster fire at the SoA members pulling apart the Rust Bucket.
    • Crystala and Reepo arrive not long after the KDSC. Reepo catches a blaster bolt to his shoulder and looses control of his swoop bike.
      • After a fierce gunfight involving a rampant uncontrollable swoop bike, and an improvised Molotov cocktail, the Krayt Daggers SC are shot down.
    • During the street fight Garcon is caught in the crossfire and sustains a critical injury to his chest. Soondabu desperately uses a stimpak to stabilise the former-casino manager and urges Reepo and Gaarvuur to race Garcon to Anchorhead’s medical clinic.
    • Before he heads off, Reepo offers the crew the use of the office’s tight-beam comlink, to communicate with Meeknu and V3-GA5. He also mentions that Jabba has an informant living in Mos Eisley who will help them get to Teemo’s palace.
      • Meeknu, despite being torn and indecisive, wishes to continue tracking the sandcrawler treads, which appear to be leading to Mos Shutta.
      • The rest of the crew mount swoops and travels to Mos Eisley.

    Following directions to a small but expensive-looking hotel, the crew are brought before a hutt named Utrenku the Hutt, who works for Jabba’s criminal cabal.

    • Utrenku is served by a gank, who is referred to as ‘jeeves.’
      • Utrenku offers to help the group gain access to Teemo’s palace and they join him on his skiff.
    • Utrenku’s servants bring him word that Teemo is currently expecting some important sealed cargo at Docking Bay Auresh in Mos Shutta. They decide that they can steal this cargo, destroy it, or use it somehow gain access to Teemo’s palace.
    • The crew updates Meeknu and V3-GA5 on the situation. The pair is currently approaching Mos Shutta bluff, and from that distance Meeknu spots his clan’s sandcrawler parked beneath Teemo’s palace, which is protect by laser turrets and AA-blaster emplacements. Rather than drive head first into danger, Meeknu and V3-GA5 decide to reunite with the rest of crew, now that they have discovered the sandcrawler’s final location.

    As night falls on the township, the crew of the Rust Bucket reunites outside Docking Auresh and spot a large repulsor cargo skiff being tended to by a large gang of Teemo’s thugs.

    • Soondabu, using a hutt kajidic seal of Jabba’s clan leant Utrenku, openly approaches the thugs, demanding to know where the cargo came from. Believing him to be working for Jabba, they obediently say that the cargo came from Geonosis.
      • Soondabu admonishes the thugs for being so trusting of his seal, claiming that he could have been anyone. The thugs, confused and uncertain, pull their blasters and search the gungan, calling Teemo’s palace for clarification and further orders from Teemo himself.
    • Meanwhile, Crank, Crystala, Meeknu and V3-GA5 use the distraction to sneak onboard the cargo skiff. In the darkness they discover the container filled with 4 squads worth of unpowered B1 Battledroids.
      • Careful not to activate the volatile cargo, they strip 3 grenades from the droids.
    • Meanwhile outside the container, the thugs are relayed orders from Teemo to capture the gungan and bring him… beaten but alive… to the palace for interrogation. They do so with relish.

    When the bag is drawn off of Soondabu’s head he finds himself unarmed and on his knees in Teemo’s throne room, looking up the huttlet criminal, flanked by two gamorreans and a barabel enforcer.

    • When the cargo skiff is brought to a halt inside Teemo’s compound, Crank opens the sealed hatch and throws out their newly acquired grenades to kill and scatter the hutt’s thugs.
      • Inside, Soondabu begins to craftily chip away at the confidence of Teemo’s minions, saying that Jaaba has learnt of his betrayal. He nonchalantly plays sabaac with the henchmen while the barabel enforcer leaves the room.
    • Crank, V3-GA5, Meeknu and Crystala storm Teemo’s palace, destroying his artwork and taking out minions.
      • Teemo, arming himself with a large bore blaster, orders one of his minions to drag out six chained, worn out and tattered jawas into the throne room, lining them up on the gladiatorial arena. All of them bear the robes and clan markings of the N’Kik clan.
      • While playing sabaac, now only being watched by two henchmen, Soonbadu uses his tongue to grab a small holdout blaster from one of the thug’s satchel bags, and deftly pockets the weapon.
    • While V3-GA5 AND Meeknu continue their forward attack up the reception hall of Teemo’s palace, Crank and Crystala break the door to the employees’ corridor to flank the guards.
      • As they open another door, the barabel enforcer suddenly steps into their way. Crystala and the Barabel engage in deadly melee combat.
        • Crystala’s vibrosword is damaged during the fight.
    • Gaarvuur storms the palace and, seeing Crystala fighting the barabel, runs up behind and grapples the enforcer.
      • Unable to break free of the wookie’s grasp, the barabel forces them out in the hallway as a target, until Crystala recovers and chops his head off.
        • The head rolls down the stairs into the throne room, unnerving all of Teemo’s thugs.
      • Gaarvuur has to dive into a workshop to get cover from a bunch of minions. He slams his head into a weapons locker, rattling him, but also finding a pair of vibro-gauntlets.
    • V3-GA5 strides through the palace, shooting down any of Teemo’s thugs that he comes across, telling them to ‘stop resisting arrest’
    • Meeknu splices into the palace’s computer system.
      • He accesses internal cameras and spots Soondabu and his clansmen in the throne room.
      • He notices that Teemo has a remote control for the gladiator cage drop-floor, so he quickly codes a delay into the code.
        • Unknown to the party he includes a unavoidable run-time into the palace’s AA-turbolasers’ protocol to fire upon the palace.
      • Meeknu then cuts power to the palaces lights.
    • Still being held captive by Teemo in the throne room, Soondabu moves to the bar and casually goes to make himself a drink. He spots his weapons and gear on the far side of the bar.
      • When Meeknu suddenly cuts power to the lights, Soondabu grabs his molotov cocktail, lights it and hurls it at Teemo from across the room.
      • The molotov cocktail explodes on Teemo. In his shock and surprise, he clicks the remote.
        • The detail prohibits the gladiator pit from opening. The jawas use the opportunity to scatter off the trap-floor.
      • Teemo, his arm on fire, fires at Soondabu with his hutt pistol.
    • Crank Steevador, using the cover of the darkness, rolls down the stairwell and unleashes a volley of fire at Teemo’s minions.
      • One of the jawas runs toward Crank for protection.
        • Due to the darkness and not knowing the jawas were even there, Crank mistakes the jawa for one of Teemo’s thugs. He knees the little jawa in the head and they both fall down in a tumble.

    *The rest of the gang enter the throne room and begin an intense blaster fight with Teemo and his remaining minions.

    • Gaarvuur jumps through the air yelling, “Here’s a punch to the face, you hutt disgrace!”
      • The rest of the party who understand shriwook grimace at the rhyme.
    • Gaarvuur stabs Teemo through the throat, killing the hutt.
    • After freeing the jawas and reuniting with Soondabu, the party hear the mechanical grinding of the roof-mounting turbolasers beginning to turn on the palace itself.
      • Meeknu knows that they have 10 mins before the turrets align and reduce the palace to rubble.
      • They quickly ransack the throne, finding a chest beneath Teemo’s throne with his disposable cash, enough for 1,000 credits each.
        • They also find evidence that Teemo was reverse-engineering B1 battledroids to use as his army against Jabba.
        • Crank grabs the large hutt pistol and Teemo’s hutt “fedora” as proof that they killed him.
    • The party leave and slow-walk away from the ensuing explosion.
    • The party have now escaped the long arm of the hutt, and survived Teemo’s machinations. With a ship to call their own, and a share in the ryll trade they now have futures and plan, and a fortune to pursue…


    • The party go to the medical clinic and check on Garcon.
      • He has survived his critical injuries, although he has to stay in bacta until he can afford to buy for some cloned organs.
    • The damage to the Rust Bucket is repaired.
      • Bura B’an gets in contact with the group, letting them know that their next ‘surplus’ shipment of ryll is ready to be picked up.


    • 20 xp (total earned 135)
    • 1,000 credits each
    • Any with an OBLIGATION to Teemo has had their value reduced to 0.
    In which our heroes find themselves with a price on their heads...


    The party returns to the New Meen village/mining complex, and are applauded for ridding the twi’leks of Agnu Drommb and his bang of mercenaries.

    • The party negotiates for a stake in the mining complex in leiu of payment for their services.
      • They also offer the eletrax as a bonus, as the creature’s natural ability to sniff out ryll would help the mine get back on its feet.
      • Soondabu Jjigae negotiates so successfully that B’ura B’an offers them a cargo load of surplus ryll, which they might be able move/smuggle for a profit. The payout would help to repair the Rust Bucket and pay for a retrofitted hangerbay.
        • Meeknu and V3-GA5 believe that Repo may be able to hook them up with Jabba the Hutt, who would be able to move the large load, but Tatooine is further away and dangerous.
        • Soondabu and Crank Steevador believe that Niobe Racto may be a safer bet. Kemal Station is closer, but the payout would be smaller.
    • The party votes to travel to Kemal Station and seek out Niobe.

    After a week travelling in hyperspace the crew arrives at Kemal Station.

    • When the party arrives at Niobe’s cantina, they try to offload the ryll, but instead she shows them the top Imperial News Bulletin— a bounty posting with all of their faces on it (except Crystala):

    50,000 credits EACH

    Grand Theft Auto

    *The crew realises that Teemo has used his imperial connections to trump up charges against them.

    • Niobe insists that this kind of money is enough to interest big-time bounty hunters like Bossk and ‘the Mandalorian’, and urges them to get off-station immediately, wishing them good luck.

    The party attempt to quietly and inconspicuously make their way back to the ship

    • V3-GA5, attempting to blend with the large crowds, gets separated from the group.
    • Meeknu manages to avoid detection by using his small stature, but when he does so he knocks over a cabbage cart.
      • The food vendor screams out “MY CABBAGES!” and turns on the first being he sees— Crystala. He starts screaming for security.
        • Crystala leaps on top of some vendors and scaffolding and manages to out run the security.
      • Meeknu has to avoid a trio of security who are loudly discussing the news about the Vicious Jawa of Vactooine. He succeeds and manages to get back to the ship.
    • Soondabu buys a nerf-scarf and manages to evade local security.
    • Crank buys a big floral sun hat and uses Crystala’s distraction to avoid any security.
    • Reuniting at the ship, the crew agree that they cannot remain in this system. Realising that Tatooine is their last place to law low, they unload the ‘Golden Goose’ and both ships make the jump.

    The Rust Bucket and the Golden Goose arrive at Anchorhead and take refuge in Dawnstar’s Repulsor-Lift Repair shop.

    • The crew decide that they will give the ryll to Jabba, and propose that if the team deal with Jabba’s Teemo problem, that the crimelord may be able to sweep aside their bounty problem.
    • Repo agrees to head into Mos Eisley and reach out to Jabba’s people. They would expect a visitor or emissary to make contect with them tomorrow.
      • Meeknu wishes to spend the afternoon travelling out to the site of his clan’s ruined sandcrawler, to bury his family and secure the clan salvaging transport. Since the journey would take a couple of hours V3-GA5 agrees to aid the jawa mechanic.
      • Since Crystala was not on the bounty, she offers to go into Mos Eisley with Repo and buy supplies and munitions.
      • Crank and Soondabu elect to stay at the repair shop, while the Suns of Anchorhead begin to repair the freighter’s hull threshold.

    After several hours, the following occurs simultaneously…*

    • Meeknu and V3-GA5 arrive at the coordinates when Meeknu had last seen the sandcrawler. He is disheartened and confused when he sees that it has disappeared.
      • They spot the sandprints of humanoids, the blast patterns of a starship’s repulsor enginges, and giant treads of the crawler leaving the site heading west.
      • They swing the speeder around and follow the treads west..
    • A familiar droid arrives at the repair shop, looking for the crew. It is the same holotransmitter droid that they met previously when speaking to Jabba.
      • The droid projects a hologram, but instead of Jabba, the signal is hijacked and instead Soondabu and Crank find themselves speaking directing to Teemo the Hutt.
      • After threatening each of the party members and their personal histories or broken natures, Teemo says that he has tolerated their interference in his plans long enough…
    • Meanwhile, while on their way to Mos Eisley, Crystala and Repo spot a large convoy of bikers from Kryat Daggers Swoop Club (Known mercenaries of Teemo) racing towards Anchorhead, all armed and looking to kill.
      • Repo and Crystala turn about and race to intercept the gang…
    • Meanwhile Crank pulls out his blaster and shoots the confused holodroid. As it crumples to the floor, Teemo’s flickering hologram laughs in triumph as an implanted grenade within the droid primes and explodes…


    In which our party become Big Damned Heroes...

    The crew of the Rust Bucket race across the hot unforgiving deserts of Ryloth, determined to help the beleaguered citizens of the New Meen mine from Teemo’s thugs. They will have to find within themselves the spark of courage , and fight for a cause that is bigger than themselves…

    The party take stock of themselves and their equipment following their shoot out with the highway bandits.

    • Meeknu, suffering from a wounded critical injury and B’ura B’an discover that it would take thirty minutes to repair the engine and get back on the road.
    • Soondabu Jjigae, Crystala Artaene and Crank Steevador interrogate one of the remaining bandits.
      • He reveals that their group operate out of Agnu Drommb’s compound, and their standing orders was to harrass and attack the local twi’leks at New Meen.
      • All he knows is that they get their orders out of Tatooine.
    • Soondabu gives the weequay to Crystala to kill. He steps into the nearby cave to avoid watching.
      • Inside he sees the bandits’ camp.
      • Suddenly the far rock wall crumbles and explodes as a lylek, awakened by the fighting, forces itself out of the ground.
      • The three heroes race out of the spire and down the bluff, Crank uses his blaster to create a rock slide to block the cave entrance. This does not stop the rampaging behemoth.
      • V3-GA5 fires at the lylek with his blaster, and is dismayed when the creatures completely shrugs off the laser bolt.
        • As the creature swipes at Crank with its tentacles, Soondabu remembers that the creatures are extremely territorial.
      • When the party make it down onto the flats at the landspeeder, they are relived to see that the lylek stops pursuing them, and returns to the cave.

    *Meeknu makes the necessary repairs and they continue on their way to New Meen.

    The speeder finally arrives at the New Meen mining complex to discover the whole town empty and seemingly abandoned.

    • Crank spots a tiny figure peering out of a nearby shack.
    • When B’ura B’an calls out, the relieved villagers reveal themselves, explaining how the thugs had attacked the village again that morning.
    • With the sun setting, B’an and the villagers throw a feast in honour of the Rust Bucket crew, in anticipation of their heroic acts.
    • Soondabu uses the complex’s site-to-site comm dish to contact Gaarvuur, instructing the wookie-poet to bring the ship to New Meen now that the cargo has been unloaded.
    • The party enjoy the feast and the gratitude of the locals before going to sleep, aiming to hit the compound at first light. V3-GA5 elects to take watch that night.

    The whole village is awoken during the night by a loud crash and the tearing of metal, and the shrieking of women and children…

    • The party wake up and discover that a construction skiff has crashed into a village shack, piloted by a drunken gang of Drommb’s thugs. The thugs try to threaten the crew and steal their landspeeder.
    • The crew of the Rust Bucket shoot down the drunken thugs, and give their weapons to the vilagers, earning the awe of the citizens of New Meen., who become emboldened by their courage and vow to never be taken advantage of again ( +5 EXP for awesome ROLE-PLAYING!)
    • The crew make their plans to attack the compound earlier than expected.
      • They commandeer the thugs’ skiff and hide in the back. They wake up one of the thugs to pilot the skiff to the compound.
      • Crank elects to roll out the Golden Goose to provide aerial support for the attack.
      • V3-GA5 plants stun grenades on the outside of the skiff.

    The sun begins to poke its head over the horizon as the skiff approaches the compound.

    • Initially the weequay guards admit the skiff inside the compound. A secondary glance allows the guards to try and halt the skiff.
      • V3-GA5 shoots the weequay driver and slams on the accelerator. They jump the skiff over some freight crates, but crash it into the side of a set of barracks right next to a squad of henchmen.
      • The stun grenades go off— knocking out almost one squad of henchmen. Elsewhere on the complex, sirens begin to blare and four more squads race outside, all in the process of aiming themselves.
      • The squads suddenly have to take cover as Crank performs several strafing runs in the Golden Goose, blowing up a transport skiff and igniting the fuel cells.
      • Meeknu climbs out the topf hatch of the skiff and starts firing at the henchmen.
      • From inside the skiff, V3-GA5 and Soondabu fire at the henchmen as well.
      • The leader, Agnu Dromb comes running out of the mess hall and attacks Meeknu and V3-GA5 with his Geonosian gaffi stick. He is killed by the droid bounty hunter.
    • When the battle is over, Meeknu discovers that all of the compound equipment and buildings bear the construction ID plating of the Empire… i
      • It appears that Teemo has aligned himself with the Empire in order to oust his uncle, Jabba the Hutt.
    • The party decide not to loot the complex, and return to New Meen as celebrated heroes.

    MEANWHILE… on the deserts of Tatooine…

    Some weequay from Kemal Station seek an audience with Teemo the Hutt and his Barabel enforcer. They tell the hutt about their discussion with Alkeed, and how the crew of the wayfarer-class freighter had departed for Ryloth. Teemo remarks that it is time to speak to Streethyn…

    In which our heroes protect innocent miners from Teemo's thugs...


    The crew of the Rust Bucket, desperate to scrounge enough credits to repair their ship, took on a load of cargo to Ryloth, a planet that they already know if involved in Teemo’s plans to oust his uncle, Jabbe the Hutt. If they deliver the cargo to Lonak’Ombe, it could open up avenues to smuggling and money that they urgently need…

    After a week of travel, the Rust Bucket emerges from hyperspace… right in the path of an Imperial Customs Frigate.

    • The Frigate orders the Rust Bucket to lay to and prepare for a random cargo inspection.
      • The imperial captain informs the crew about issues that the “natives” had been “gibbering” about.
      • After reviewing the cargo manifest and stamping the freight cargo, the captain also hits the crew with an offworlder ‘tax.’
      • The ship is released and granted a flightpath to Nabat space port.

    The _Rust Bucket rumbles into its berth, immediately unloading its cargo.

    • The crew go to collect their earnings, but Crystala Artaene spots a twi’lek male closely watching the gang as they walk down the street.
      • Crank puts on a scene in the middle of the street, catching the twi’lek off guard. He is shocked and speechless at the display.
      • The man introduces himself as B’ura B’an, saying that his friend, Niobe Racto had told him of their arrival. She suggested that the gang might be the kind to help him in his predicament.
        • The ryll mine at New Meen has come under pressure from a band of heavily armed and connected off-worlders. They are being harassed, attacked and forced off their plot of land. The gang realise that this gang, led by one Agnu Drommb, are minions of Teemo the Hutt.
        • B’an requests that they help drive off the weequay thugs
    • Soondabu Jjigae goes and collects his pay from Lonak’Ombe. He congratulates them on a job well done and pays them 10,000 credits.

    While the Rust Bucket is being unloaded, the group agrees to travel across the deserts via speeder to B’ura B’an’s village at the New Meen mine.

    • Gaarvuur remains at the ship with Garcon and his daughter Sera.
    • The trip takes several hours, during which V3-GA5 pilots through canyons and ravines very quickly without slowly. Meeknu tries to perform in-flight repairs to the speeder’s dorsal engine pod.

    *Passing by a tall bluff, the speeder is suddenly shot by a sniper bolt, it rolls out of control and crashes into the sand.

    • Most of the crew are scratched but okay, expect for Meeknu, who was launched through the air.
    • A voice shouts out from the bluff for the party to surrender, claiming to be Imperial Authorities.
      • Crank and Soondabu hear non-human voices, particularly weequay and gand… obviously not imperials.

    A blaster fight breaks out, during which the party scramble for cover behind rocks or the downed speeder.
    Crystala uses a sand bluff to race towards the rock spire where the highwaymen lay in ambush.

    • The party injure or kill enough of the brigands that the remaining surrender and drop their arms.
    In which our heroes need to repair their damaged freighter…

    The crew of the Rust Bucket decide that they cannot ignore the damage that their freighter has recently sustained. They decide to limp their way to a nearby populated system and try and take on some honest work, while laying low and putting out false trails for Teemo’s agents to follow…

    A day after the shoot out, Meeknu reports that he has repaired enough of the Rust Bucket’s undercarriage to allow escape velocity.

    • After reviewing the local starcharts, the crew makes plans to get the ship to the Kemal system, which holds a tibana processing station which operates as a shadow port for the sector.
      • Soondabu recalls the name of a contact of his roommate, Beyan the Dug, a cantina matron called Niobe Racto.
      • Niobe may be able to hook the crew up with some work.
      • The crew begin to interrogate one of Behruz’s minions, Alkeed, for information about Teemo’s operation.
      • When the freighter departs, Crystala Artaene unknowingly stowed aboard, hiding in the maintenance ducts.

    After days of travel, the Rust Bucket arrives in the Kemal system.

    • Getting their way past a corrupt traffic controller who exorbitantly charges the crews’ docking fee, they make their way to the cantina owned by Niobe Racto.
    • Soondabu convinces Alkeed that he will be released if he agrees to dressing up as Behruz, and pose as the late weequay smuggler, and claim that he is leaving Teemo’s employ and taking the Rust Bucket with him. (NOTE THAT THIS CHARM CHECK ALSO RESULTED IN A DESPAIR)
      • Alkeed performs this deed, but he secretly uses his weequay pheromones to communicate the truth to some weequay smugglers at the bar.
    • Meeknu, Crank Steevador and V3-GA5 tend to the local bounty board to try and make a quick acquisition.
    • They are shocked to run into Crystala again. They agree to team up and capture a local aqualish named Bandin Dobah.
    • Meanwhile, Soondabu speaks with Niobe about becoming a part of her local smuggling ring. She defers on this decision, as she does not know the party. Instead, she allocates them a freight load of food awaiting transport to the planet Ryloth. If they can get the food to her contact in time and without imperial entanglements she would consider the Rust Bucket the next time she needs some good moved.
    • The crew offer Crystala a space on the ship due to her assistance with the bounty.
    In which the party must stop Behruz from stealing the Golden Goose files…


    The party arrived on the colony to hand over the data stolen from Teemo’s private computer files. Unbeknowngst to them, Crank’s comlink has traced by non other than Behruz, the former owner of the Rust Bucket and right-hand of Teemo. The party had to ensure that the data went to Jabba and that Behruz did not get off world…

    • Behruz and his thugs arrive and a shoot out takes place.
      • A local member of the colony, Crystala Artaene, arms herself with a hidden pair of vibroswords and joins the fight to defend her home.
      • Jabba’s henchmen, including Mysterious Gunslinger escape with the data and escape in the confusion of the battle.
      • Using the Rust Bucket’s cannons, Soondabu accidently destroys a barn and autoplough.
      • The Rust Bucket crashes into a nerf field.
      • Weequay destroy roof-mounted antennae trying to attack V3-GA5.
    • A wounded Behruz attempts to get away but is tracked to a canyon by V3-GA5 and Meeknu, and killed.
    • The party donate Behruz’s ship to the colony, as compensation for the destruction of property.
    In which our heroes enjoy the takings of their first big score...


    The Rust Bucket blasts out of the thin Tatooine atmosphere, punching for deep space, the crew ecstatic and riveted that they have just pulled off their heist for Jabba the Hutt.
    Crank pilots the Rust Bucket away from Tatooine, despite planet-wide announcements from Imperial Customs and Security for all ships to power down and lay to. The pilot-performer plots a course to an out-bound asteroid large enough for the Wayfarer-freighter to latch onto and power down all systems to avoid detection.
    o They wait atleast three tense hours before restoring their systems, letting the asteroid drift them out of the system.

    ➢ Counting the cred sticks hastily collected by Crank Steevador, the group equally distribute 40,000 credits between themselves.
    Meeknu and V3-GA5 make two unaltered copies of the files from *Teemo*’s private computer drive; the original to be passed on to Jabba.

    • Hacking open one copy of the data, they discover the following:
      * Land purchase orders for plots of land on Ryloth.
      o Purchase and modification orders for a Dunelizard, presumably the Rust Bucket.
      o Recorded communiqué with a person called Sreethyn.
      o Notes and estimates for spice sales in the local sector.
      o Residency papers for a safe house on Vactooine.
      o Public medical and scientific studies into ryll.
      o Coordinates for a location on Geonosis.
      ➢ The party deduce that Teemo must be looking to expand his own power and status in the drug circle, by undercutting his uncle Jabba the Hutt.


    ➢ The gang contact Jabba on the comm frequency given to them. They speak to the crimelord’s major-domo, Bib Fortuna, who provides them with coordinates for a small out-of-the-way planet where they would make the drop-off in 3 standard-days’ time.
    ➢ The party spend a day travelling to drop-off point, which leads them to a small uncatalogued colony designated J1-CL2.
    o The party meet the locals and discover how difficult conditions are on the planet. Soondabu contacts his old roommate Beyan the Dug, and requests his expertise to help the farmers.
    o Crank’s is called from Teemo’s casino on his profession comlink, synched to the ships’ comms. The young lady inquiries as to whether Crank was still planning on performing at the Boonta Eve show.
    o Crank destroys his comlink when he realises that his location was being traced through the call.
    ➢ The party spend the night drinking with the locals.

    ➢ The next morning the gang set up for the drop-off. A small scout ship arrives and Mysterious Gunslinger, Weyfarin Lun and Human Thug disembark to collect the data.

    • The drop off is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Behruz and eight armed weequay…
    In which our heroes' carefully laid plans fall apart...



    The gang conclude their first day surveying the casino belonging to Teemo the Hutt, and return to their cheap inconspicuous motel.
    Meeknu and V3-GA5 plan to return to the casino that night to plant a minute det charge in the rooftop maintenance hatch.
    Soondabu and Crank Steevador plan to follow the casino’s manager, Garcon, to his home and steal his credentials, allowing the team to bypass any internal security points.

    Later that night, the gang split up to accomplish their new respective objectives.
    ➢ Meeknu struggles to stealthily climb up to the roof of the casino. Luckily his small stature and the fact that he is a jawa allow him to avoid any particular attention of the roving security guards on the roof.
    o He is able to successfully splice into the system, setting up a backdoor code that will allow him to later gain control of the power and security during their upcoming heist.
    ➢ V3-GA5 patrols on the grounds, taking note of the rear docks of the casino.
    ➢ Soondabu, Crank and Gaarvuur take one of their stolen speeders to Garcon’s house.
    o The door is opened by Garcon’s daughter, a ten year-old girl, named Sera.
    o Soondabu and Crank attempt to pose as hired muscle of Teemo’s sent to collect Garcon, claiming that his presence was required back at the casino.
    o Garcon sees through the lie and tries to pull a blaster on the group. He thoughts out to his daughter to “hit the button,” before Soondabu and Gaarvuur stun him.
    o Crank races out to the corridor after the daughter, who has locked herself in her bedroom. Blasting off the lock, Crank discovers that Sera had pushed a silent panic alarm in her clothes closet. She starts to scream loudly to awaken the neighbours, leaving Crank with little choice but to stun her. The decision does not rest easy with him.
    o With the neighbours now awake and curious, the team flee in Garcon’s expensive speeder coupé.


    With Garcon’s panic alarm triggered, the team decide that they must immediately break into the casino, getting Meeknu to cut the security and power, while using Garcon’s ID to clear and automated checkpoints.
    ➢ Meeknu climbs back up to roof and opens the maintenance hatch.
    ➢ Crank drops Soondabu, Gaarvuur and their unconscious prisoners at the Rust Bucket, and then the performer-extraordinaire races to the casino to assist the others in the heist.
    ➢ A guard appears on the roof for a smoke break, forcing Meeknu to stop his slicing and hide.
    ➢ Crank and V3-GA5 break into the casino’s back dock, using Garcon’s credentials.
    o They hide in an office while waiting for Meeknu to disable the internal security cameras and checkpoints.
    ➢ Soondabu pours Garcon a drink.
    ➢ The guard discovers Meeknu hiding on the roof. The jawa grabs the guard’s own gun and stuns him, then quickly returns to his task.
    ➢ With the power and security disabled, Crank and V3-GA5 make their way to the casino’s vaults.
    o The vault’s force shielding has powered down. Crank stuffs his bag and pockets with as many cred sticks as he can.
    o V3-GA5 jacks in to Teemo’s private computer drive and downloads the content.
    ➢ Soondabu pilots the Rust Bucket, and flies low over the city towards the casino.

    ➢ Casino security finally reacts to the break in. Crank gets blaster bolt in his back as their dash out the back dock.
    ➢ The team scramble up the ramp of the Rust Bucket and blast away into the night.



    The after the gang’s return from Vactoine, a translator droid enters Reepo’s office, stipulating that it has a message from its master. From the droid’s chest plate, a hologram emitter flickers into life and forms the digital image of a large hutt breathing deeply from a hookah.

    Jabba the Hutt.

    Impressed with the flight data from the Golden Goose, the head of the criminal kajidic instructs his droid to give the party a cred stick with 3,000 credits as a token of his appreciation. Soonbadu ingratiates himself and the party to the criminal hutt lord, each member (bar Meeknu, who shudders in fear of the hutt) describes how they have bested Teemo in the past, and offer their services to the hutt.
    Jabba, although amused at his younger cousins attempts at wresting power from him, tells the gang that he wants to utterly destroy the huttling—and to do so, he needs to know exactly what Teemo is doing and what he is planning.

    Therefore, he engages the gang’s services to find this incriminating evidence—he demands that they break into Teemo’s casino vaults in Mos Eisley and download a copy of the huttling’s private computer files. Any and all of the valuable contents of the vault are the party’s in lieu of payment. The upcoming Boonta Eve pod race would be the ideal time to break in. In addition, Jabba tells the party that he will inform his weapons master in the city, Kayson, to give the party a 15% discount for supplies needed to carryout the job.

    After the conclusion of the conference, the gang meet Reepo at the local cantina, The Slaughtered Dewback and agree to head to Mos Eisley to begin a stake of the casino, its staff and facilities.


    Piloting the Rust Bucket across the desert, the gang pay for a private docking berth to keep prying eyes of Teemo’s forces from identifying the freighter.

    After availing themselves of some new gear and weapons at Kayson’s Weapon Store, the gang split up and spend the day staking out the casino, looking for intelligence, patterns of business and the layout of the facility.
    They discover the following
    ➢ The front entrance is manned by eight private security, with weapons scanners. Also, any droid companions must be fitted with a restraint and governor system.
    ➢ The external verandahs and fire exits are fitted with alarms and surveillance.
    ➢ Extra staff have been temporarily hired to cater for the Boonta Eve festivities. They are all supplied with generic ID tags for security checkpoints.
    ➢ The casino channels a lot of city-supplied power to its lower subterranean levels—power typical of a ray shield.
    ➢ A fire-escape ladder leads to the roof of the casino.
    ➢ Staff rotations occur three times a day.
    ➢ Crank signs himself up as a free lance performer, with access backstage
    ➢ Armoured security arrive at the backdock to retrieve money, which is escorted to the local banks.
    ➢ The casino manager is a man named Garson, who drives an expensive landspeer coupé. He is a vain egotistical man who is not well liked by his employees.
    ➢ A local drycleaning service called Sand No More is responsible for the daily cleaning and supplying of all of the casino’s uniforms.


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