Soondabu Jjigae

"In my defence...."




An aimless waste of an education, Soondabu Jjigae is the clever second son of a wealthy Gungan family.

Unable to inherit the famed Jjigae shellfish farms, Soondabu was sent off to the finest universities that the Empire still let non-Humans into could provide. A naturally gifted student, Soondabu was more concerned with drink, Sabaac and lovely aquatic ladies then completing his MBA.

He chopped and changed majors until his family cut him off, then until the scholarships ran out. Finally, desperate to make tuition, he agreed to carry a small package of “herbs” to the remote Outer Rim world of Tattooine for his old room mate, Beyan.

Rather than spending his cut on a ticket back to the university and his tuition fees, Soondabu decided to put his 3 semesters of Advanced Statistical Analysis to good use at Teemo’s casino in Mos Eisley. Counting cards isn’t, of course, illegal, but Hutts don’t take kindly to it any way.

Finding himself on the run from Teemo’s Gamorreans, with a small underworld bounty on his head, Soodabu has found himself the unofficial Head of PR for the Rust Bucket…

Soondabu Jjigae

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