Jawa Outlaw Technician


Small to average sized Jawa, about a meter in height. Robes are very tattered, even for a Jawa, with scorch marks and burn holes around the hem. Evidence of blaster holes, which indicate this Jawa has been involved in a few firefights in the past. Higher aggression than usual in a Jawa, and will instead choose to stay and fight, whereas other Jawas will flee, and only fight if they really must.


While on a solo scavenger hunt in the deserts of Tatooine, he stumbled across the fresh wreckage of a transport sailbarge owned by Teemo the Hutt. Realising that it must have crashed in the recent sandstorm that blew over here, he quickly inspects the wreckage for cargo or survivors. It seems the survivors were set upon and devoured by Krayt dragons, going by the large bloodstains, half-eaten Gamorrean Guards, and many large footprints. He does discover a shiny new, very large moisture vaporator, obviously destined for Teemos’ palace. He takes it and heads to the nearest spaceport to sell it on the black market, as the vaporator had Teemos insignia on it, and would not have been able to be sold through the regular buyers that his clan uses. However, his contact in the black market ratted him out to Teemos men. Teemo did no take kindly to someone selling his property, and sent some of his bodyguards to find him and bring him to Teemos palace. They found his clan, the Jawa Clan N’kik, and slaughtered them, all of them, in retaliation for what he had attempted to do, and to draw him out. Now his clans’ Sandcrawler sits abandoned out in the Dune Sea, abandoned but for the bodies of his fallen brothers and sisters.

He vowed on the day he was betrayed that he would track down his black market contact Jefdaq Corslin and make him pay. Pay for the betrayal, and pay for the life of his clan. But he wouldn’t just stop at him. He would take his vengeance right to the top, right to Teemo, and murder him where he lies. Only then would he be able to avenge his fallen clansmen.


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