Edge of the Empire/The King's Recruits


In which our heroes take the fight to Teemo’s front door!


Meeknu and V3-GA5 race across the dunes of Tatooine, tracking the large winding treads of the sandcrawler belonging to the N’Kik clan.

  • Pulling over to assess some unusual tracks, the pair are able to distinguish about eight footprints, including the claw marks of a barabel.
  • Meeknu also notices that the treads have been slowly easing their way east, back towards the major settlements like Mos Eisley and Mos Shutta.

*Half an hour later, with the first of the Tatoo suns disappearing over the horizon, the pair arrive at the canyons and ravines of the jundland wastes to discover the sandcrawler treads continuing to drive down into the deep canyon.

  • Meeknu knows that this ancient quarry site, mired with nooks and crannies, caves and ancient scaffolding, would be an ideal resting or camping site for many of Tatooine’s wildlife—both animal and sentient.
  • V3-GA5 notices a rickety old bridge overhead as well as a steep path winding up to the top of the canyon wall. They elect to drive along the canyon ridgeline and hope to reunite with the sandcrawler tracks on the other side.
    • They spot at least ten small campfires strewn throughout the canyon below, and faintly hear the echoing of tribal music, howls and screams of tusken raiders.
  • Fortunately, they catch sight of the sandcrawler’s tracks on the other side of the canyon and elect to keep following the tracks.

Meanwhile, back at Dawnstar Motors, Soondabu and Crank cut short their hologram conversation with Teemo the Hutt and unknowingly trigger a grenade embedded with the holodroid.

  • Crank manages to dive behind a desk, sheltering him from the grenade while Soondabu is thrown into the office wall by the concussive blast, disorientating him temporarily.
  • Outside, the Krayt Daggers Swoop Club speed into the Suns of Anchorhead compound, and unleash a torrent of blaster fire at the SoA members pulling apart the Rust Bucket.
  • Crystala and Reepo arrive not long after the KDSC. Reepo catches a blaster bolt to his shoulder and looses control of his swoop bike.
    • After a fierce gunfight involving a rampant uncontrollable swoop bike, and an improvised Molotov cocktail, the Krayt Daggers SC are shot down.
  • During the street fight Garcon is caught in the crossfire and sustains a critical injury to his chest. Soondabu desperately uses a stimpak to stabilise the former-casino manager and urges Reepo and Gaarvuur to race Garcon to Anchorhead’s medical clinic.
  • Before he heads off, Reepo offers the crew the use of the office’s tight-beam comlink, to communicate with Meeknu and V3-GA5. He also mentions that Jabba has an informant living in Mos Eisley who will help them get to Teemo’s palace.
    • Meeknu, despite being torn and indecisive, wishes to continue tracking the sandcrawler treads, which appear to be leading to Mos Shutta.
    • The rest of the crew mount swoops and travels to Mos Eisley.

Following directions to a small but expensive-looking hotel, the crew are brought before a hutt named Utrenku the Hutt, who works for Jabba’s criminal cabal.

  • Utrenku is served by a gank, who is referred to as ‘jeeves.’
    • Utrenku offers to help the group gain access to Teemo’s palace and they join him on his skiff.
  • Utrenku’s servants bring him word that Teemo is currently expecting some important sealed cargo at Docking Bay Auresh in Mos Shutta. They decide that they can steal this cargo, destroy it, or use it somehow gain access to Teemo’s palace.
  • The crew updates Meeknu and V3-GA5 on the situation. The pair is currently approaching Mos Shutta bluff, and from that distance Meeknu spots his clan’s sandcrawler parked beneath Teemo’s palace, which is protect by laser turrets and AA-blaster emplacements. Rather than drive head first into danger, Meeknu and V3-GA5 decide to reunite with the rest of crew, now that they have discovered the sandcrawler’s final location.

As night falls on the township, the crew of the Rust Bucket reunites outside Docking Auresh and spot a large repulsor cargo skiff being tended to by a large gang of Teemo’s thugs.

  • Soondabu, using a hutt kajidic seal of Jabba’s clan leant Utrenku, openly approaches the thugs, demanding to know where the cargo came from. Believing him to be working for Jabba, they obediently say that the cargo came from Geonosis.
    • Soondabu admonishes the thugs for being so trusting of his seal, claiming that he could have been anyone. The thugs, confused and uncertain, pull their blasters and search the gungan, calling Teemo’s palace for clarification and further orders from Teemo himself.
  • Meanwhile, Crank, Crystala, Meeknu and V3-GA5 use the distraction to sneak onboard the cargo skiff. In the darkness they discover the container filled with 4 squads worth of unpowered B1 Battledroids.
    • Careful not to activate the volatile cargo, they strip 3 grenades from the droids.
  • Meanwhile outside the container, the thugs are relayed orders from Teemo to capture the gungan and bring him… beaten but alive… to the palace for interrogation. They do so with relish.

When the bag is drawn off of Soondabu’s head he finds himself unarmed and on his knees in Teemo’s throne room, looking up the huttlet criminal, flanked by two gamorreans and a barabel enforcer.

  • When the cargo skiff is brought to a halt inside Teemo’s compound, Crank opens the sealed hatch and throws out their newly acquired grenades to kill and scatter the hutt’s thugs.
    • Inside, Soondabu begins to craftily chip away at the confidence of Teemo’s minions, saying that Jaaba has learnt of his betrayal. He nonchalantly plays sabaac with the henchmen while the barabel enforcer leaves the room.
  • Crank, V3-GA5, Meeknu and Crystala storm Teemo’s palace, destroying his artwork and taking out minions.
    • Teemo, arming himself with a large bore blaster, orders one of his minions to drag out six chained, worn out and tattered jawas into the throne room, lining them up on the gladiatorial arena. All of them bear the robes and clan markings of the N’Kik clan.
    • While playing sabaac, now only being watched by two henchmen, Soonbadu uses his tongue to grab a small holdout blaster from one of the thug’s satchel bags, and deftly pockets the weapon.
  • While V3-GA5 AND Meeknu continue their forward attack up the reception hall of Teemo’s palace, Crank and Crystala break the door to the employees’ corridor to flank the guards.
    • As they open another door, the barabel enforcer suddenly steps into their way. Crystala and the Barabel engage in deadly melee combat.
      • Crystala’s vibrosword is damaged during the fight.
  • Gaarvuur storms the palace and, seeing Crystala fighting the barabel, runs up behind and grapples the enforcer.
    • Unable to break free of the wookie’s grasp, the barabel forces them out in the hallway as a target, until Crystala recovers and chops his head off.
      • The head rolls down the stairs into the throne room, unnerving all of Teemo’s thugs.
    • Gaarvuur has to dive into a workshop to get cover from a bunch of minions. He slams his head into a weapons locker, rattling him, but also finding a pair of vibro-gauntlets.
  • V3-GA5 strides through the palace, shooting down any of Teemo’s thugs that he comes across, telling them to ‘stop resisting arrest’
  • Meeknu splices into the palace’s computer system.
    • He accesses internal cameras and spots Soondabu and his clansmen in the throne room.
    • He notices that Teemo has a remote control for the gladiator cage drop-floor, so he quickly codes a delay into the code.
      • Unknown to the party he includes a unavoidable run-time into the palace’s AA-turbolasers’ protocol to fire upon the palace.
    • Meeknu then cuts power to the palaces lights.
  • Still being held captive by Teemo in the throne room, Soondabu moves to the bar and casually goes to make himself a drink. He spots his weapons and gear on the far side of the bar.
    • When Meeknu suddenly cuts power to the lights, Soondabu grabs his molotov cocktail, lights it and hurls it at Teemo from across the room.
    • The molotov cocktail explodes on Teemo. In his shock and surprise, he clicks the remote.
      • The detail prohibits the gladiator pit from opening. The jawas use the opportunity to scatter off the trap-floor.
    • Teemo, his arm on fire, fires at Soondabu with his hutt pistol.
  • Crank Steevador, using the cover of the darkness, rolls down the stairwell and unleashes a volley of fire at Teemo’s minions.
    • One of the jawas runs toward Crank for protection.
      • Due to the darkness and not knowing the jawas were even there, Crank mistakes the jawa for one of Teemo’s thugs. He knees the little jawa in the head and they both fall down in a tumble.

*The rest of the gang enter the throne room and begin an intense blaster fight with Teemo and his remaining minions.

  • Gaarvuur jumps through the air yelling, “Here’s a punch to the face, you hutt disgrace!”
    • The rest of the party who understand shriwook grimace at the rhyme.
  • Gaarvuur stabs Teemo through the throat, killing the hutt.
  • After freeing the jawas and reuniting with Soondabu, the party hear the mechanical grinding of the roof-mounting turbolasers beginning to turn on the palace itself.
    • Meeknu knows that they have 10 mins before the turrets align and reduce the palace to rubble.
    • They quickly ransack the throne, finding a chest beneath Teemo’s throne with his disposable cash, enough for 1,000 credits each.
      • They also find evidence that Teemo was reverse-engineering B1 battledroids to use as his army against Jabba.
      • Crank grabs the large hutt pistol and Teemo’s hutt “fedora” as proof that they killed him.
  • The party leave and slow-walk away from the ensuing explosion.
  • The party have now escaped the long arm of the hutt, and survived Teemo’s machinations. With a ship to call their own, and a share in the ryll trade they now have futures and plan, and a fortune to pursue…


  • The party go to the medical clinic and check on Garcon.
    • He has survived his critical injuries, although he has to stay in bacta until he can afford to buy for some cloned organs.
  • The damage to the Rust Bucket is repaired.
    • Bura B’an gets in contact with the group, letting them know that their next ‘surplus’ shipment of ryll is ready to be picked up.


  • 20 xp (total earned 135)
  • 1,000 credits each
  • Any with an OBLIGATION to Teemo has had their value reduced to 0.



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