Edge of the Empire/The King's Recruits



The after the gang’s return from Vactoine, a translator droid enters Reepo’s office, stipulating that it has a message from its master. From the droid’s chest plate, a hologram emitter flickers into life and forms the digital image of a large hutt breathing deeply from a hookah.

Jabba the Hutt.

Impressed with the flight data from the Golden Goose, the head of the criminal kajidic instructs his droid to give the party a cred stick with 3,000 credits as a token of his appreciation. Soonbadu ingratiates himself and the party to the criminal hutt lord, each member (bar Meeknu, who shudders in fear of the hutt) describes how they have bested Teemo in the past, and offer their services to the hutt.
Jabba, although amused at his younger cousins attempts at wresting power from him, tells the gang that he wants to utterly destroy the huttling—and to do so, he needs to know exactly what Teemo is doing and what he is planning.

Therefore, he engages the gang’s services to find this incriminating evidence—he demands that they break into Teemo’s casino vaults in Mos Eisley and download a copy of the huttling’s private computer files. Any and all of the valuable contents of the vault are the party’s in lieu of payment. The upcoming Boonta Eve pod race would be the ideal time to break in. In addition, Jabba tells the party that he will inform his weapons master in the city, Kayson, to give the party a 15% discount for supplies needed to carryout the job.

After the conclusion of the conference, the gang meet Reepo at the local cantina, The Slaughtered Dewback and agree to head to Mos Eisley to begin a stake of the casino, its staff and facilities.


Piloting the Rust Bucket across the desert, the gang pay for a private docking berth to keep prying eyes of Teemo’s forces from identifying the freighter.

After availing themselves of some new gear and weapons at Kayson’s Weapon Store, the gang split up and spend the day staking out the casino, looking for intelligence, patterns of business and the layout of the facility.
They discover the following
➢ The front entrance is manned by eight private security, with weapons scanners. Also, any droid companions must be fitted with a restraint and governor system.
➢ The external verandahs and fire exits are fitted with alarms and surveillance.
➢ Extra staff have been temporarily hired to cater for the Boonta Eve festivities. They are all supplied with generic ID tags for security checkpoints.
➢ The casino channels a lot of city-supplied power to its lower subterranean levels—power typical of a ray shield.
➢ A fire-escape ladder leads to the roof of the casino.
➢ Staff rotations occur three times a day.
➢ Crank signs himself up as a free lance performer, with access backstage
➢ Armoured security arrive at the backdock to retrieve money, which is escorted to the local banks.
➢ The casino manager is a man named Garson, who drives an expensive landspeer coupé. He is a vain egotistical man who is not well liked by his employees.
➢ A local drycleaning service called Sand No More is responsible for the daily cleaning and supplying of all of the casino’s uniforms.



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