Edge of the Empire/The King's Recruits


In which the party must stop Behruz from stealing the Golden Goose files…


The party arrived on the colony to hand over the data stolen from Teemo’s private computer files. Unbeknowngst to them, Crank’s comlink has traced by non other than Behruz, the former owner of the Rust Bucket and right-hand of Teemo. The party had to ensure that the data went to Jabba and that Behruz did not get off world…

  • Behruz and his thugs arrive and a shoot out takes place.
    • A local member of the colony, Crystala Artaene, arms herself with a hidden pair of vibroswords and joins the fight to defend her home.
    • Jabba’s henchmen, including Mysterious Gunslinger escape with the data and escape in the confusion of the battle.
    • Using the Rust Bucket’s cannons, Soondabu accidently destroys a barn and autoplough.
    • The Rust Bucket crashes into a nerf field.
    • Weequay destroy roof-mounted antennae trying to attack V3-GA5.
  • A wounded Behruz attempts to get away but is tracked to a canyon by V3-GA5 and Meeknu, and killed.
  • The party donate Behruz’s ship to the colony, as compensation for the destruction of property.



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