Edge of the Empire/The King's Recruits


In which our heroes' carefully laid plans fall apart...



The gang conclude their first day surveying the casino belonging to Teemo the Hutt, and return to their cheap inconspicuous motel.
Meeknu and V3-GA5 plan to return to the casino that night to plant a minute det charge in the rooftop maintenance hatch.
Soondabu and Crank Steevador plan to follow the casino’s manager, Garcon, to his home and steal his credentials, allowing the team to bypass any internal security points.

Later that night, the gang split up to accomplish their new respective objectives.
➢ Meeknu struggles to stealthily climb up to the roof of the casino. Luckily his small stature and the fact that he is a jawa allow him to avoid any particular attention of the roving security guards on the roof.
o He is able to successfully splice into the system, setting up a backdoor code that will allow him to later gain control of the power and security during their upcoming heist.
➢ V3-GA5 patrols on the grounds, taking note of the rear docks of the casino.
➢ Soondabu, Crank and Gaarvuur take one of their stolen speeders to Garcon’s house.
o The door is opened by Garcon’s daughter, a ten year-old girl, named Sera.
o Soondabu and Crank attempt to pose as hired muscle of Teemo’s sent to collect Garcon, claiming that his presence was required back at the casino.
o Garcon sees through the lie and tries to pull a blaster on the group. He thoughts out to his daughter to “hit the button,” before Soondabu and Gaarvuur stun him.
o Crank races out to the corridor after the daughter, who has locked herself in her bedroom. Blasting off the lock, Crank discovers that Sera had pushed a silent panic alarm in her clothes closet. She starts to scream loudly to awaken the neighbours, leaving Crank with little choice but to stun her. The decision does not rest easy with him.
o With the neighbours now awake and curious, the team flee in Garcon’s expensive speeder coupé.


With Garcon’s panic alarm triggered, the team decide that they must immediately break into the casino, getting Meeknu to cut the security and power, while using Garcon’s ID to clear and automated checkpoints.
➢ Meeknu climbs back up to roof and opens the maintenance hatch.
➢ Crank drops Soondabu, Gaarvuur and their unconscious prisoners at the Rust Bucket, and then the performer-extraordinaire races to the casino to assist the others in the heist.
➢ A guard appears on the roof for a smoke break, forcing Meeknu to stop his slicing and hide.
➢ Crank and V3-GA5 break into the casino’s back dock, using Garcon’s credentials.
o They hide in an office while waiting for Meeknu to disable the internal security cameras and checkpoints.
➢ Soondabu pours Garcon a drink.
➢ The guard discovers Meeknu hiding on the roof. The jawa grabs the guard’s own gun and stuns him, then quickly returns to his task.
➢ With the power and security disabled, Crank and V3-GA5 make their way to the casino’s vaults.
o The vault’s force shielding has powered down. Crank stuffs his bag and pockets with as many cred sticks as he can.
o V3-GA5 jacks in to Teemo’s private computer drive and downloads the content.
➢ Soondabu pilots the Rust Bucket, and flies low over the city towards the casino.

➢ Casino security finally reacts to the break in. Crank gets blaster bolt in his back as their dash out the back dock.
➢ The team scramble up the ramp of the Rust Bucket and blast away into the night.



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